These Tweets Reveal A Lot About Rey's Parentage

You know you're officially Force Awakens trash when you leave the theater and immediately start searching who Rey's parents are, even though you know for a fact that all the lips on that particular project are sealed. That being said, for those of us who have been digging deep in internet-land, it has become fairly apparent that Rey is not a Solo or a Skywalker. Don't believe me? The proof comes from two sources: a recent interview with Daisy Ridley, and a few fan questions poised at Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter.

If you're a little lost on the Hidalgo front, here's some intel: if the entire Star Wars universe could be represented as one human being, that human being would be Pablo Hidalgo. Now a creative executive at Lucasfilm, he was the one tasked with making Star Wars into one cohesive canon — no small feat when you consider the enormity of the franchise, including its books, video games, cartoons, television shows, and Force knows what else. When you think about the vastness of the Star Wars fandom — not just its characters and alternate universes and timelines, but things as specific as ship specs, galactic diplomacy, and all the space science that goes into things like creating lightsabers — it's enough to give anyone a Snoke-sized headache. And apparently enough to inspire fans across the world to harass this generous man on Twitter on the daily.

But before we get to that, let's loop back to this Entertainment Tonight interview with Daisy Ridley from a few weeks ago:

Direct quote from Ridley, regarding the fans who thought she was Han Solo's daughter: "How do you know? Have you seen the film? Clearly not, because I wasn't."

OK, so one Force-sensitive family down, another to go. Clearly Rey is not a Solo or the secret sister of Kylo Ren that we briefly entertained she could be. That, of course, leaves one other option of the notorious (and presently alive) Force-sensitives that fans have proposed might be related to Rey — Luke Skywalker.

The Alan Dean Foster novelization or the movie already seems to debunk that theory — in it, the scene with Maz Kanata is extended and makes a clearer differentiation between "Rey's family" and the idea of Luke Skywalker — but just in case fans didn't already pick up on that tidbit, some not-so-subtle badgering of Hidalgo on Twitter has certainly helped.

Again, Hidalgo isn't revealing anything that fans can't already deduce with some logic and novel sleuthing — but seeing it written out like this does seem to pretty squarely confirm that Rey is not Luke Skywalker's daughter, either. (Personally, I'm not sure how that would have made much sense anyway.)

That still leaves us with plenty of other intriguing options, of course. While I would love to see Rey turn out to be a distant-ish relative Obi-Wan Kenobi, I feel like there are too many parallels between her and baby Anakin to entirely dismiss the theory that she was ~born of the Force~. And hell, maybe her parents are brand new characters created to throw us off the Rey's parentage conspiracy scent. Really, pulling the Solo and Skywalker families out of the running for Rey's parentage doesn't do much to narrow anything down — if anything, this just makes the unanswered questions around Rey even MORE infinite and unendurable.

But no worries, guys. Only ten bajillion more days until the next movie comes out in 2017!

Images: Disney; Giphy