The 'Gay Agenda' Daily Planner Is Coming, Plus 10 Other Pro-LGBTQ Items You Didn't Know You Needed

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, I think we've all heard about the concept of the "gay agenda" concept — which, ultimately, boils down to the absurd fear that once the LGBTQ population has equal rights and protections, the rest of the population will "turn" gay and society as we know it will self-destruct. Well, in a hilarious and awesome attempt to reclaim the "gay agenda," Queer Pop Mafia, a collective of artists, activists, and professionals based in Oakland, Calif. are launching a fundraiser to support their creation of an actual gay agenda.

That's right: They're creating a daily planner that features famous LGBTQ leaders and pioneers throughout history, including Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde, Marcia Johnson, and Ellen Degeneres. Each featured person has a dedicated "People Page" where you can learn more about them and their contributions to queer history. Creators also designed an awesome "ABCs of the Gay Agenda" series in the planners, where each letter of the alphabet corresponds with an aspect of queer history. For example, the letter "S" opens to a page about the historical relevance of Stonewall for the LGBTQ community. You can back the Gay Agenda on Kickstarter — and you can even put forth suggestions for the "ABCs of the Gay Agenda" by emailing GayAgendaNow AT gmail DOT com.

For other awesome pro-LGBTQ items you never knew you needed, check out the list below:

1. For When Your Relationship Is Going Well

I Love You: Activity Book For Lesbian Couples, $9.99, Etsy

This adorable activity book features a female same-sex couple and gives you plenty of fun games, puzzles, and activities to do on a rainy day together. The seller also has a version with two men.

2. For When You Need To Plan Pride Events A Year In Advance

Lesbian Calendar, $12.76, Etsy

This seller offers a bunch of versions of this LGBTQ themed yearly calendar, so you can get all of your Pride events in order before the summer rolls in.

3. For When The Relationship Goes Poorly

This coloring book features queer women, but everyone can relate to the gut-wrenching loss of a failed relationship.

4. For When You're Hosting LGBTQ Game Night

That's So Gay, $25.00, Amazon

A family-friendly board game that's heavy on LGBTQ history and educational information, filling gaps in what history doesn't highlight for our LGBTQ leaders of the past.

5. For When You're Hosting Another LGBTQ Game Night

The Rainbow Gayme, $30.00, Etsy

This 1993 board game is a Pride themed game that begins with the main character coming out of the closet. It's basically like the board game Life but super, super gay... which makes it awesome.

6. For When You Want To Remind People To Respect Your Pronouns

Custom Preferred Pronoun Necklaces, $24.00, Etsy

These necklaces are perfect when you want to politely but firmly remind people to ask for your gender pronouns before assuming what you're most comfortable with.

7. For When You Need an LGBT Friendly Kid's Book

This adorable children's book is decidedly for young children, but would make the perfect gift for a child who is exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity.

8. For When You Want Some Ambiance In Your Room

Pride Rainbow Candle, $15.00, Etsy

These candles are the perfect way to spruce up your room and show off your Pride!

9. For When You Need A Hoodie But Also Want To Low-Key Tell Everyone You're Proud To Be LGBTQ

Love Wins Gay Pride Hoodie, $45.00, Etsy

This hoodie has a super chill aesthetic, and would work well on anyone, regardless of sex or gender identity.

10. For When You Want To Give Your Parents A Heart Attack While Coming Out

Coming Out Temporary Tattoo, $2.89, Etsy

These temporary tattoos may just be the perfect way to come out to your parents - maybe after they get over the shock of seeing your tattoo, them thinking you're LGBTQ won't seem so surprising? I recommend this method only if your parents have an awesome sense of humor!

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