Tom Hiddleston At The 2016 MTV Movie Awards Would Be The Gift Every Loki Fan Needs

The golden popcorn is being polished and Zac Efron is settling which tearaway shirt he's going to wear. Yes, the MTV Movie Awards are airing on April 10, and the network's answer to the Oscars promises to be as irreverent and starry as ever. Don't look for Brooklyn or Spotlight to be recognized at the ceremony that founded the "Best Kiss" award. Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Deadpool, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are the kind of films that will be getting their day at these fan-focused awards. MTV has only confirmed a few presenters for the evening so far, and I'm hoping that a certain British charmer may be one of the unannounced. Will Tom Hiddleston appear at the MTV Movie Awards? It'll break a lot of fans' hearts if he doesn't, mine included.

I'm sorry to report that Tom Hiddleston isn't actually nominated for any MTV Movie Awards this year, even though he put in a performance in the gothic horror film Crimson Peak that was equal parts creepy and dashing. Avengers: Age Of Ultron is up for five awards, including Movie Of The Year, Best Hero (Chris Evans), Best Villain (James Spader), Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Fight (Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.'s showdown). But, as every fangirl/boy of Thor's mischievous brother well remembers, Hiddleston's Marvel character, Loki, sadly didn't come out to play for that Avengers film.

So, why am I still holding out hope that Tom Hiddleston will bring that smile to the MTV Movie Awards red carpet? I have my reasons.

He's On A Press Tour

The actor has been a busy, handsome bee this spring, making the rounds to promote a heap of projects, including the Hank Williams biopic, I Saw The Light; the AMC espionage miniseries, The Night Manager; and the trippy, stylish thriller High-Rise. Usually, presenters at events like the MTV Movie Awards are doing their part to market an upcoming release. So, if he has time to present an award at the Academy Of Country Music Awards to stump for I Saw The Light, surely Hiddleston can stop by and say hello to MTV's audience.

He Loves His Cast

A less cynical reason Hiddleston might be tempted to attend the ceremony is that at least a few members of his Avengers family are likely to be there. That ensemble has always seemed like a close group who genuinely enjoy each other. (Hiddleston is even an honorary Hemsworth!) Here's hoping Loki shows up to give his colleagues (and sometimes nemeses) some moral support.

He Loves MTV

Hiddleston charmed everyone in the theater and watching at home when he accepted his MTV Movie Award for Best Villain back in 2013. ("I am burdened with glorious popcorn.") He's also starred in quite a few amusing sketches for the network, usually with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz. Who could forget their cozy slumber party, where Hiddleston shows off his repertoire of dance moves; the time that Hiddleston and Crimson Peak co-star Jessica Chastain invited Horowitz to a sadistic soiree for three; or this gem, where Hiddleston proves through a series of terrible pranks that he's got more in common with Loki than one might expect?

MTV on YouTube

But, the number one reason why Tom Hiddleston really should consider coming to the MTV Movie Awards is that his adoring public just wants to see him. Tune in on Sunday to see if he drops by.

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