10 National Sibling Day Gifts For 2016, Because Your Sibs Put Up With A Lot

As the middle sister in a trio of girls, I understand better than anyone the love/hate relationship siblings have. But no matter how many closets my older sister locked me in or how often my younger sister tattled on me, they're still my sisters, and since they had to deal with my antics as much as I did theirs, it's only fair I get them a National Sibling Day gift.

National Sibling Day falls on April 10, and is a day to celebrate, commemorate, and appreciate your brothers and sisters. Sure, they drive you crazy most of the time, but could you imagine growing up without them? If it weren't for my sisters, I would have never learned how to properly forge my mother's signature on a dismissal note, or know which of the steps creaked when you were trying to sneak downstairs. But without my sisters, I also wouldn't have someone to call in the middle of the night with a crisis, a compass to help me navigate the treacherous seas of early adulthood, or that unconditional love that only siblings can provide. If you have siblings, you probably know exactly how I feel.

It's time to set aside the sibling rivalry and forget about that Barbie doll's head your kid sister flushed down the toilet all those years ago. This year try sending love, forgiveness, and one of these gifts for National Sibling Day. Hey, anything is better than your typical noogie fight, right?

1. Hometown Aerial Map Puzzle

There is no place like home when it comes to siblings. Give your brother or sister a little piece of childhood back with this custommade hometown map puzzle, featuring an actual image of the neighborhood you grew up in. It's the perfect sentimental gift any sibling would get a kick out of.

Hometown Aerial Map Puzzle, $54.95, Fab

2. Keepsake Trinket Dish

If you're looking for a small yet beautiful gift for your sister, you can't go wrong with this adorable trinket dish. Perfect for displaying on her desk at the office or by the sink at home, this sweet and simple sentiment will make your sister swoon whenever she looks at it.

Keepsake Trinket Dish, $12, Etsy

3. Skywalker Twins Phone Case

There's no bond like the one between a nerdy brother and sister, especially twins. Show your sibling the force (and your love) is always with them by gifting them this adorable iPhone case perfect for your Star Wars-loving bro or sis.

Skywalker Twins iPhone Case, $25, Redbuddle

4. Nostalgic Candy Mix Gift Box

You know all that candy you loved as a kid, but your parents wouldn't let you eat? Well, you and your siblings are adults now, and you can eat what you want. Give your brother or sister a box of all their favorite treats for National Sibling Day, and it will be like giving them a piece of their childhood back.

Nostalgic Candy Mix Gift Box, $12.16, Amazon

5. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If you have sisters, then there is no better book to share with them than the story of sisterly love in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Whether your sister is the Beth, Jo, Amy, or Meg in your life, show her how much you care.

'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott, $12.71, Amazon

6. Princess Shirt

If you grew up watching Disney with your brother, then this is the perfect National Sibling Day gift for you and him. Come on, you both know Cinderella has nothing on you.

Princess Shirt, $14.95, Etsy

7. Brothers and Sisters

There are so many great TV shows that feature amazing sibling relationships, but for National Sibling Day, Brothers and Sisters is the perfect one to give as a gift. You can watch some episodes together, and decide which one of you is more of a Vera and which is more of an Emily.

Brothers and Sisters, $13.11, Amazon

8. Swear Word Adult Coloring Book by Oh No Coloring Books

Since your siblings were probably the first ones to teach you how to swear (and get you in trouble for it), this hilarious adult coloring book is both a funny and sentimental National Sibling Day gift. Besides, your brothers and sisters deserve to have some grown-up kid fun.

'Swear Word Adult Coloring Book' by Oh No Coloring Books, $6.29, Amazon

9. Forest Friends Nesting Dolls

You and your siblings fit together like, well, Russian Nesting Dolls — each one a part of the other. These adorable forest-themed ones make a cute gift perfect to put on display.

Forest Friends Nesting Dolls, $38, Fab

10. Cross Stitch Hoop

If you're not the emotional type, don't worry, there are gifts like this "World's Okayest Sister" cross stitch hoop that will show your sibling how you really feel. Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Cross Stitch Hoop, $25, Etsy

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