A New Jon Snow Dead Body Scene From 'Game Of Thrones' Shows Ghost Is Alive & Davos Is Team Snow

If you haven't already sworn fealty to Davos Seaworth, then you will after you watch this extended Game of Thrones Season 6 scene with Jon Snow's dead body in the background. The man who plays Davos, Liam Cunningham, appeared on Conan and brought with him an amazing scene from the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere, which HBO has revealed is titled "The Red Woman." In the scene, Ser Davos brandishes Jon Snow's sword to defend Jon's dead body from those dirty Night's Watch traitors.

Yes, Jon is very much dead in the scene, but on the bright side, his faithful companion Ghost is alive. That is something worth celebrating, right? Not only is Ghost alive, he is ready to join Davos and Jon's remaining friends in defending Jon even after Jon's untimely demise. While I am in awe of both Davos' apologetic badassery — "I've never been much of a fighter" — and the imposing figure that Ghost strikes, I am most curious as to why the Night's Watch wants to get their hands on Jon's body.

It could be that they want to ditch their former commander beyond the wall, which would be a fate worse than death since it could result in Jon becoming a wight. There is another option though: they could they be trying to dispose of Jon's body before the titular Red Woman of the episode, Melisandre, finds a way to bring Jon back to the land of the living. Cremation would be the only respectful way to dispose of Jon's body, and I don't see Davos and friends fighting to stop a proper sendoff from happening unless there is another option on the table.

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All speculation aside, this scene looks crazy intense. The premiere is getting right to it and addressing Jon's death, while also letting Davos get a big damn hero moment. With Stannis gone, Davos is a free agent and one the most respectable characters on the show. The thought that Davos could be setting aside his principles to work with Melisandre is exciting, but even if he is only guarding Jon because he feels it is the right thing to do, it is just one more reason to love the Onion Knight.


Then there is Ghost. Ghost, who is definitely still alive, guys! That is huge news. The Stark kids' direwolves are such an important part of them and fans have already lost Greywind and Lady, and watched Arya be forced to chase Nymeria away. Losing Ghost on top of that would have been way too much to handle. Here's hoping Ghost takes out that jerk Alliser Thorne. Not only is he leading the charge to take Jon's body, he has been horrible since Jon first showed up at Castle Black.

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