Are Carly Rae Jepsen & Tavi Gevinson Friends? The 'Rookie Mag' Founder Appears In The Singer's New Video — VIDEO

I consider myself duty-bound to keep a pretty good eye on those people in the entertainment industry who are doing things I really really like, so imagine my excitement when two of my worlds merged, and I spotted Tavi Gevinson in Carly Rae Jepsen's "Boy Problems" video. Jepsen has been absolutely killing it in the game recently (as evidenced by my complete inability to stop listening to really any song on her most recent album Emotion ) and obviously Gevinson has been a prodigy from the jump — or age 12, anyway — currently editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine , which she founded herself and uses every day to make me feel old. And also to publish inspiring, groundbreaking content targeted at the female reader. But the fact that she's doing it so successfully at such a young age contributes pretty heavily to the me-feeling-old part.

But anyway. There I was, happily bopping along to "Boy Problems," when I noticed Gevinson in a little cameo role as one of the office workers who's so fed up with Jepsen talking about her crushes all the time. And that made me wonder — are these two friends? And if so, how do they know each other? It makes sense that two young, talented power-players in their industries would be drawn to each other, but how did they cross paths?

Well, I'll tell you! The first documentation of the two interacting first appeared last year, when Gevinson interviewed Jepsen about Emotion for Rookie, in an interview that was published in October 2015. So presumably a month or so before that is when they likely met, with their friendship solidifying enough in the interim that Jepsen asked her new friend to be a part of the video! And I'm so glad she did, because it was such a delight to see Gevinson appearing in "Boy Problems." Like, a little treat for those of us who dream that all our favorite celebrities are friends with each other. In this case, it just happens to be true!

Images: VEVO/Carly Rae Jepsen Official; Giphy