Will Beyonce's Ivy Park Line Have Sneakers? Here's Footwear Fans Should Know

We are just T minus six days away from the launch of Beyonce's clothing line, and I can barely contain my excitement. We already know a ton about the high-performance sportswear label with a fashion-y touch, like the fact that it will be available at Topshop, Nordstrom, and online, has a wide price range, and that it will offer versatile clothing. But what about the rest of the collection? Will Beyonce's Ivy Park line have sneakers? If you find yourself wondering the same thing, be prepared to take notes.

According to Topshop, the collection will include "leggings in three rises, crop tops, drop arm tees, sweatshirts and technical jackets," but the campaign video implies there will be a whole lot more, so if you're banking on some custom Ivy Park kicks, you may be in luck.

Queen B debuted a short clip to go along with the launch of the line, where she explains the inspiration behind Ivy Park while modeling some of its athleisure-like pieces. The 34-year-old rocks a pair of black sneakers throughout most of the clip, but it wasn't until they zoomed in on her feet, making sure to clearly emphasize the shoes, that I realized sneakers could be included in the collection.

Take a look.

Why would they showcase her shoes like that if they weren't part of the line?

While it may be hard to tell, I suspect the tiny writing on the bottom left corner of her sneaker reads "Ivy Park." We don't know for sure whether they are part of the range, but I think it's probably a safe bet.

The brand even posted a photo of the sneakers to their Instagram.

Here is another close-up shot.

The high-top sneaks look so cute.

The April 14th launch date can't come fast enough.

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Images: WeAreIvyPark/YouTube (2)