Could The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Wedding Actually Be Kirk & Lulu's? This Theory Would Make Sense

Calling all Gilmore Girls conspiracy theorists! I've got a nutty theory that might just be completely and utterly fire. Lend me your ears for a second. Way back in March, an eagle-eyed fan visiting Warner Bros Studio in LA spotted a hold sheet attached to a Gilmore Girls prop that was clearly labelled "Wedding." Ever since then, the Internet has been aflame with debate as to who the lucky Stars Hollow couple is who are set to tie the knot. And after some very curious news broke Friday, I have reason to believe it could be Kirk and Lulu getting married in the Gilmore Girls revival.

The obvious contender — aka, the seriously vanilla choice — is, of course, that it's Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore who are finally making their way down the aisle. Pfft. I'm not sure the Gilmore Girls writers are going to let us get exactly what we want that easily. It's also a little obvious for a show that never lets us get too comfortable with the protagonists' choice in romantic partners. A more unexpected theory is that it could be a Gilmore Girls minor character wedding — and if this was the case, I feel the writers would love to give us the feeling that we should have anticipated it all along. As such, it wouldn't be the wedding of a new couple, but one we're deeply familiar with: such as the lovely Kirk and Lulu.

Consider this: Actress Rini Bell was just confirmed to be appearing in the GG revival, and considering Kirk (Sean Gunn) is going to be there too, it would make sense that the show would catch us up on the state of their relationship.

There's also the show's history to consider. Weddings and disaster go hand in hand in Stars Hollow when it comes to the Gilmores: just think of Lorelai channeling the runaway bride in Season 2 or about Lorelai finally tying the knot with Christopher only to basically break-up with him a few weeks later. I don't think the writers are cruel enough to break our hearts one more time by doing another "Will they? Won't they?" scene with Lorelai hightailing it to the heels. But what I could very easily imagine them doing is a funny, slapstick, weird wedding that shows off everyone's adorable eccentricities and some fun Stars Hollow traditions — and how Lulu and Kirk would that be?

So keep your fingers very firmly crossed for Stars Hollows' most underrated couple. Sure, they're nowhere near as dramatic as Luke and Lorelai and it doesn't feel like they're starcrossed lovers fated to end up together in the same way L squared (calling it! New couple name) totally are. But they're Stars Hollows through and through: bizarre and frustrating and completely lovely all at once. What could be nicer than watching a Lulu and Kirk wedding?

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