Jaden Went Grunge At The 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Proving once again that he's the Fresh Prince of chill, Jaden Smith at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards was all about relaxed, effortless style. The young star and fashion icon opted for a low-key look at the show, wearing a black leather jacket over a blue plaid shirt and black jeans. While Smith is gearing up for Coachella, where he's worn awesome music festival outfits in the past, his Movie Awards ensemble felt like an ode to the grunge era.

Showing up in support of his dad Will Smith receiving The Generation Award during April 9's pre-taped show, Jaden Smith also chatted with pals Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. I assume this trio of Hollywood progeny have much to talk about, but I also have to wonder whether they discussed Smith's gender norm-breaking campaign for Louis Vuitton that was released earlier this year.

I've always admired Smith for his ability to challenge fashion in a way that is not only fresh and exciting to watch, but also true to his personality and worldview. Whether he's rocking a flower crown and dress to Coachella one day, or showing up to the Movie Awards in a badass grunge outfit the next, I think that we can all learn and take inspo from Smith's personal style.

Smith also showed off his dance moves at the MTV Movie Awards like a boss.

Keep doing you, Jaden! Keep doing you.