Let Ice Cream Decide Your Hiddleston Movie Night

People have very strong opinions about politics and ice cream, and I believe deep down it is ice cream that they are the most passionate about. In fact, I bet you are so passionate about ice cream your favorite flavor can tell you which Tom Hiddleston movie you should watch. After all, is there any actor who comes in more flavors than Hiddleston? He can be a villain, a romantic hero, a serious musician, or a Gothic leading man. There are more kinds of Hiddleston performances than there are types of Ben & Jerry's,and the actor himself has even voiced his opinion on the dessert, using it as a metaphor in a 2014 quote about sexual orientation, telling The Backlot, "Oh, so you like strawberry ice cream and you like vanilla ice cream. It's all good. It's all ice cream."

With so many options, choosing which Hiddleston movie you should queue up for your next Hiddleston movie night (those are totally real things) can be overwhelming. That's where delicious ice cream comes in. Think about how strongly you feel about your favorite flavor. You have some major opinions on the matter, right? Well, I am going to pair Hiddleston movies with ice cream flavors. All you have to do is find your fave and not only will you have an amazing performances by the star to lose yourself in, you will also have an excuse to eat ice cream because obviously ice cream and Hiddleston pairings are the new wine and cheese.

Now, settle in and prepare to let ice cream guide you to your new favorite Hiddleston movie.

Vanilla: War Horse

Vanilla gets a bad rap in the ice cream world. While many describe it as boring, vanilla lovers know the flavor is rich and clean — a sweet palette cleanser, if you will. That is exactly how I think of Hiddleston's role in War Horse. As Captain James Nicholls, Hiddleston is confident and sincere in his performance. It is not a showy role or movie, but the story is as rich as a quality vanilla cone.

Chocolate: Thor

If you love pure, unadulterated chocolate ice cream then you crave the dark sweetness of Hiddleston's villainous Loki. It's not The Avengers you are after though. You want pure, Shakespearean Loki as indulgent and epic as your bowl of chocolate goodness. Bask in Loki's subtle manipulations and power plays as you dive into some serious chocolate ice cream and just try not to have the best day ever.

Strawberry: Midnight In Paris

You are one classy human being. I bet you eat your strawberry ice cream — with a side of real strawberries, of course — out of a proper sundae glass. With your love for all things old school, there is no Hiddleston movie better suited to your tastes than Midnight in Paris. Watch as Hiddleston embodies F. Scott Fitzgerald so fully that you will be swooning along with every tart and tasty spoonful of strawberry ice cream.

Butter Pecan: I Saw The Light

Butter pecan is a southern treat with just the right mix of hospitality and bite. If you love nothing more than the mix of buttery vanilla ice cream dotted with savory pecans then you need I Saw the Light in your life. Hiddleston brings Hank Williams back to life with all the charm, danger, and talent the man possessed. This is a Hiddleston movie that will leave you happy to see the actor's full range of talent and devastated by the tragic story of Williams' life. Just like butter pecan, this movie has a little bit of everything going on.

Rocky Road: Crimson Peak

When it comes to ice cream, you are a go big or go eat a Popsicle kind of person. You want your treat to be indulgent, not even remotely healthy, and so delicious it is practically sinful — that's not just rocky road, that is Crimson Peak. The movie is practically dripping with Gothic horror and romance, and Hiddleston is right in the middle of it all being swoonworthy, unsettling, and clearly having the time of his life in the process.

Cookies & Cream: The Avengers

You have a playful spirit and appreciate a good popcorn movie as long as you can substitute cookies and cream ice cream for popcorn. You want all the fun of Loki with more humor and less grandeur. The Avengers is your perfect Hiddleston movie because he gets to go all in as the bad guy, cracking jokes and hatching evil plans that are bound to fill you with glee.

Pistachio: High-Rise

Pistachio lovers are quirky by nature. You either hate pistachio ice cream or you think it is the most amazing flavor of anything on the planet, there is no middle ground. The same goes for High-Rise. This sci-fi movie is a strange and disorientating bit of social commentary that you will either think is brilliant or bonkers. Hiddleston is right in the middle of the action as a middle class man living in a building that acts as a microcosm of society. Pistachio people of the world, you need to give this movie a shot.

Cookie Dough: The Deep Blue Sea

You know you are total romantics at heart, cookie dough lovers. When you sit down to dig out those too good to be true chunks of cookie dough, you want to be watching a love story that will leave you crying into your now just plain vanilla ice cream by the end. Hiddleston's forbidden romance in The Deep Blue Sea is a romance worthy of your time and your pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked you have stashed in the back of the freezer.

Neapolitan: Only Lovers Left Alive

While some people believe Neapolitan fans just can't make choices, you know you just like a complexity of flavors. You want a little bit of everything all at once, and for you, the best Hiddleston movie to deliver on every front is Only Lovers Left Alive. There's romance, vampires, drama, and comedy. It's a strange and layered film that is just as diverse as a spoonful of your favorite ice cream.

Go forth and enjoy some perfectly matched Hiddleston and ice cream pairings, my friends.

Images: Sony Pictures Classics; Giphy (7); tomhiddlestongifs/Tumblr (2)