15 Ridiculously Adorable Handmade Soaps To Make Bubble Baths Even More Delightful — PHOTOS

After a crazy day, there are few things more comforting than going home and taking a long bath. From bath bombs to body oils to handmade soaps, there exist tons of great products that make bath time amazing, whatever your pampering needs. Plus, there's just something so fabulously decadent about settling down with some music, your favorite drink, and a mountain of bubbles for some serious "me time." For all its inherent indulgence, however, a good bath is also a great, inexpensive way to unwind. Whether you prefer your soak to include organic essential oils and a cup of tea, or frozen margaritas and a fizzy glitter bomb, you can enjoy some serious bathing bliss for just a few dollars.

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your bath time experience, I suggest investing in a good handmade soap that will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. With all the great independent businesses out there devoted to making bath products with natural, nurturing ingredients and quirky, cute designs, you'll undoubtedly find the perfect sudsy treat for your next self-care day in no time. To help you make your decision, here are 15 of the cutest handmade soaps to try. With pampering products this adorable, your bathtub just became even more irresistible.

1. Slow And Steady

Snail Soap Bar, $8, LoveLee Soaps

At the end of a busy day, this little guy will help remind you to slow down and relax. Who wouldn't want such a cute pampering companion?

2. Ice Cream Dream

Banana Cream Popsicle Soap, $5, The Little Soap Store

With their tropical, fruity scent, these cute soaps will smell good enough to eat. Lather up with one of these when you want to feel absolutely delicious.

3. Clean Machines

Robot Soap Set, $6.95, Carraig Farm

These vintage toy-inspired tiny robots will make you feel like a kid when bath time comes around. Sometimes, being and adult is highly overrated.

4. Mythical Creature

Soapicorn, $12, Leeloo Soap

This is the perfect soap for those moments when you need help remembering what a fantastic, magical creature you really are. Let the Soapicorn turn your daily routine into a fairytale adventure.

5. Get Glam

Makeup Soap Set, $8, LoveLee Soaps

Celebrate your inner femme with this set of lipstick and nail polish-themed soaps. What could be prettier?

6. Whole Hearted

Anatomical Heart Soap, $6, KC Soaps N' More

Although they might look a little macabre, these wine-scented heart soaps are good clean fun. These are a great choice for anyone who likes a touch of creepy with their cute.

7. Just Keep Swimming

Goldfish In A Bag Soap, $4.99, Gems By Jeff N' Me

Bring home a new friend who loves the water as much as you do. No fish food or tank cleaning required.

8. Sugar And Sprinkles

Doughnut Soap, $8, Sassy Soaps By Angie

Scrubbing up with these irresistable confections might just make you hungry for the real thing. Time for a treat!

9. Prehistoric Playtime

Dozen Dinosaur Egg Soaps, $12, Conversation Soap

If you enjoyed watching the Land Before Time or Jurassic Park movies when you were growing up, then you'll love these dinosaur egg soaps. When you've used up the clear bar, you'll get to keep the tiny toy that "hatches" from inside.

10. Tasty Treat

Cupcake Soap, $5.99, True Skin Essentials

Indulge your sweet tooth with what may be the most adorable soap ever. The pretty butterfly packaging is just icing on the cake.

11. All The Emojis

Emoticon Soaps, $3.61, Nerdy Soaps

No matter how you're feeling, you can express yourself with these brightly-colored emoticon soaps. Even on a bad day, these cuties will make it hard not to smile.

12. Rubber Duckie

Little Rubber Duck Soap, $5, The Village Soapsmith

There's no more classic bath time accessory than the yellow rubber duck. This watery blue soap comes with one of these iconic toys perched atop its bubbly surface, ready to splash along with you.

13. Sweet Heart

Be My Valentine Soap, $3.50, Dreaming Kitty Soaps

No need to wait for Valentine's Day to use these candied cleansers. Show yourself a little love with some well-deserved pampering.

14. Fruity Fun

Watermelon Soap, $6, Hip Modern Soap

Wash up with a slice of summertime nostalgia. Even on rainy days, this pretty soap will keep your outlook carefree and sunny.

15. Pow! Shazam!

Lightning Bolt Soaps, $5, Cut Sew Melt Pour

If you love comics and never miss the opening of a new superhero movie, then these bold lightning bolt soaps are for you. Power up, and prepare to beat any nemesis.

Whenever you need a little time to get away, a good bath can help you rest and renew. So light a candle, crank up your favorite music, and let these bubbly treats wash your cares away.

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