It's Time For A Jaime & Brienne Reunion

It's that time of year again: winter is coming in the middle of spring and I want my Jaime and Brienne Game of Thrones reunion. Forget about Jon Snow, Dany's Dothraki predicament, and that whole Iron Throne business, there is only one thing I have wanted from Game of Thrones since Jaime gave Brienne some fancy armor and sent her on a quest to find Sansa Stark, and that is for those two bear pit pals to meet again. Is a Jaime and Brienne reunion a priority for the show? Probably not, but the heart wants what the heart wants and this heart wants Season 6 to bring Jaime and Brienne together again.

As a book fan, my yearning for Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister's paths to cross once more comes from a deep desire to know what happens to them next. While they have been busy taking on separate missions in the world of the show, their journeys are entwined in a major way within the pages of the books. While I am all about the series doing its own thing (and not spoiling the books), this is one area where I would be psyched to see Game of Thrones sticking close to its source material.

Jaime and Brienne are so much better together than they are apart, and here is why Season 6 is the perfect time to get them back together.

1. Brienne May Need Some Backup Fighting Ramsay

Now that Sansa and Theon have escaped from Winterfell, Ramsay is going to be on their trail and if Brienne finds Sansa, she is going to need an army to keep her safe. If it came down to Brienne versus Ramsay, I am sure Brienne could take him no problem, but the Boltons have amassed a following in the North, and Brienne is going to need more than just Podrick to get Sansa out of there.

2. Jaime Needs Someone To Confide In

The death of Myrcella is going to leave a major scar on Jaime's heart. Cersei has lost so much, and she is going to need Jaime to be strong for her. That leaves Jaime without a confidante, but that is a role Brienne has always filled quite nicely for him.

3. They Need To Have Another Talk About Vows

Brienne used to have a black and white view of the world, especially when it came to vows. Now that she left her watch on Sansa to kill Stannis, she and Jaime need to revisit the subject since she surely understands why he told her vows can be super conflicting sometimes.

4. Their Banter Is Missed

I know going into Game of Thrones expecting to laugh is like watching a Kevin James film for its dramatic nuances, but Jaime and Brienne could always be counted on to lighten the dour atmosphere with their banter. The way they played off of each other led to some of the show's only truly funny moments.

5. Both Of Their Stories Have Stalled

Brienne spent Season 5 staring at a window and Jaime was stuck in Dorne. These are two amazing characters whose last great storylines occurred when they were together. Let's make that magic happen again.

6. Jaime Still Has A Promise To Keep

Getting Sansa and Arya back to their mother is no longer an option, but now that Brienne knows for sure that both of the Stark girls are alive, Jaime could at least help bring them back together.

7. They Need To Go On Another Adventure

Admit it, their Season 3 journey through the Riverlands is still one of your favorite arcs. Those two need to hit the road again. I don't care where they go or why, I just need them to go on another Westeros road trip.

8. Brienne Needs To Be Knighted

Brienne is already a knight, but it would be amazing to see Jaime make it official.

9. It Would Be Interesting To See Them On Opposite Sides

If the North rises up against Ramsay and wins, I can see Brienne fighting on their side. If they turn their attention to King's Landing, then Jaime and Brienne could end up on opposite sides of a battle. The possibility both breaks my heart and makes me psyched to imagine the angst.

10. Their Friendship Was The Actual Best...

In a world as brutal and dark as Westeros, everyone needs someone they can count on. For awhile there, Jaime and Brienne were that person for each other. The show would only benefit from bringing them together again.

11. And It Could Still Become Something More

If shipping Jaime and Brienne is wrong, being right must be awful.

Will Season 6 be the year Jaime and Brienne finally meet again? I'm praying to the old gods and the new that it is.

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