Melisandre Will Be A Big Part Of 'GoT' Season 6

Game Of Thrones doesn't return for another two weeks, but HBO is already teasing the sixth season with a few new clips. Clips that may even be qualified as Game Of Thrones spoilers. The show that is so fiercely protective of its storylines — especially this season, where they are veering away from author George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire series — has released new clips that reveal what's going on with Cersei, Daenerys and Sansa. Looking into where these three characters are at the beginning of the season makes perfect sense since Game Of Thrones promises big things for its female characters going forward. But, there seems to be a certain female character the show's creators aren't interested in spoiling. And yes, Melisandre in Game of Thrones Season 6 could have something to do with whether or not Jon Snow is dead.

Sure, we know HBO has said time and time again that Jon Snow is dead — like really, really dead. Of course, he is. He was stabbed many times. But, on a show like Game Of Thrones, it certainly doesn't mean he can't come back, right? The title of this season's premiere is "The Red Woman," which is the name given to Melisandre, the beautiful witch who practices a form of sorcery known as blood magic. As of now, we've seen very few shots of Melisandre in the trailers for the upcoming season — surprising, since the season premiere is named after her. But it's not that surprising if her storyline is one they wouldn't want to give away.

When we do see Melisandre, she's doing little else but looking sad and disheartened. One shot of her in the most recent trailer for Season 6 has her staring out a dark window, which appears to be at Castle Black, before a shot of a burning barrel pops up with a woman's hands around it. Is it Melisandre working her dark magic to bring back a certain character who is dead? The Melisandre resurrection theory is not a new one. She has talked very highly of the Lord Of Light, and, as we know her fellow follower, the Red Priest Thoros, was able to resurrect Beric Dondarrion a whopping six times using his powers. But does Melisandre posses those powers?

Right now, it's unclear. She's managed to use leeches to kill off "imposter" kings like Robert and Joffrey, but she's never resurrected someone before. She has sacrificed a child, though, in Stannis Baratheon's daughter Shireen, who could be a key to Jon Snow's survival. As Mirri Maz Duur told Daenerys back in Season 1, "Only death can pay for life." Perhaps the Red Woman showing up at Castle Black shortly after Jon Snow's murder is a sign that it wasn't Shireen's life that needs to be given, but Melisandre's own.

We do know that Melisandre can drink poison and survive. But maybe she cannot survive a resurrection attempt. Could the title of the episode be a goodbye to this character, who has been stirring up the race for the throne all along?

Since little has been revealed about Melisandre's storyline, we have to look to other characters to guess what is going on with her. In previews for this upcoming season, we have seen moments where Davos is giving a speech, likely about Jon Snow. Davos has a direct connection to Melisandre through Stannis, who was killed last season. It wouldn't be surprising to see the two team up for the greater good. (In this case, the idea that Jon Snow is the leader they were looking for and wasn't meant to die like this.)

But knowing that she killed Shireen, who was so dear to Davos, doesn't make me think he would let Melisandre go without a punishment. Could killing Melisandre be Davos' payback? I wouldn't put it past him since he's never been too close to the Red Woman, who he knew was manipulating Stannis. Melisandre did once tell Remly, "Look to your sins." Perhaps she will have to look at her own to realize she has power, but has not always used it wisely. Those she has left suffering may be powerful enough now to turn the tables on her.

Right now, we have way more questions than answers for the Season 6 premiere. But what we do know is the Red Woman will play a role in it — even if the creators of Game Of Thrones don't want us to know exactly what that role is just yet.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy