This Is The Most Right-Swiped Hairstyle

There is no one secret to getting more matches on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. — it's really a combination of things. Philip James Hair Salon wanted to figure out exactly what we were responding to, at least when it comes to what type of hair people are attracted to on dating apps. So they looked at what 662 online daters were swiping left and right to on dating apps.

Hair color, texture, and style (even facial hair!) can actually mean a lot in terms of attraction. I, no matter how hard I try, cannot understand why anyone would love a man bun. (Full disclosure: I don't try that hard.) And I almost always go for dark-haired people over blondes. I don't do it on purpose, it just sort of happens that way. And one of my friends loves, loves, loves gingers— but I'm pretty sure that's from crushing on Ron Weasley and reading lots of x-rated Harry Potter fan fiction during her sexual awakening. OK, that friend is me. But a huge amount of "your type", if you believe in that sort of thing, can boil down to hair color and style. So what are people going for?

Here's what we learned people preferred while swiping, because it turns out blondes don't have more fun, online anyway:

1. Brown-Haired Women Are The Most Desired

Forty-three percent of those seeking women preferred brown hair, compared to 23 percent who preferred black hair and 18 percent who preferred blonde. If you had told the curly, frizzy, brown-haired 14-year-old me this, I would never have believed it.

2. And More Than Half Of People Prefer Brown-Haired Men

Preference rates were even higher when it came to men— 56 percent of people who liked men though brown hair was the best.

3. Everyone Loves A Crew Cut

The classic crew was far and away the most popular hair cut when it came to men. In fact straight women preferred it four times more than any other style, and gay men preferred it three times more, so it won by a landslide.

4. 30 Percent Of People Love Women With Curly Hair

Curly hair was the most popular. Seriously, my teenage self is freaking out. And 26 percent of people went for "messy"— if only that were describing personality and eating styles, I'd be coming out on top.

5. Most People Like Men With Facial Hair

Out of those who like men, 53 percent said that they like facial hair. And only 19 percent actively don't like it, so a little beard may be the way to go.

6. ...But Not Long Beards

A LITTLE beard. I should add that as far as facial hair goes, 49 percent think that long beards are the worst. Worst for dating, best for holding snacks. With one hand god giveth, with one he taketh away.

7. The Five O'Clock Shadow Was The Best Facial Hair

PREACH. Twenty-six percent of people thought the sexy, stubbly shadow was best, followed by 23 percent who liked a short beard. The sad little mustache only got four percent of the votes, although goatees somehow got 12 percent. Come one people, you're better than that.

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