What Are ColourPop's New Lipstick Colors For Spring? Add These 8 Shades To Your Collection — PHOTOS

Spring is in full swing, and so are your lip color options. As if they didn't already have enough to choose from, ColourPop is launching eight new lipstick shades on April 14. What colors are being added to the ColourPop family? I think it's safe to say your season is about to get a little brighter, no matter which one of the brand's formulas you prefer.

The company has quickly become one of the best in affordable makeup, and it isn't slowing down anytime soon. All of these gorgeous spring to summer shades are proof. I'm convinced that the color creators at ColourPop never sleep. In just two months the company has launched an all-new 16-shade Ultra Satin Lip line, created an entire range of brow products, put together a collection with Jaime King, and put out a spring collection of eyeshadows, liners, and lip products — all at affordable prices, I might add. Now they're adding even more lipsticks to the site. That's a whole lot of makeup to choose from, people!

Of the eight new colors, half will be joining the Ultra Matte Lips collection, while the others will be in the Ultra Satin lip range. I highly recommend both of the long-wearing formulas, so it really just comes down to which colors and finish you like the best. The eight new shades range from bright purple to subtle pinks and will all be $6 a piece. At that price you might as well grab them all!

While the four Ultra Matte Lips — Bianca, Are & Be, Cheap Thrills, and Privacy Please — are all on the pink spectrum. From nude to mauve to orchid, these colors are perfect for easing your way into spring shades. The real color comes with the Ultra Satin Lips additions — Littlestitious, Brooklyn, So Wavy, and Molly.

On top of being completely affordable, all of the lip products are also vegan, according to ColorPopFun. That means you can look and feel great all at the same time. What could possibly be better than that?

If ColourPop's Lippie Stix are more your style, no worries! They just came out with three new shades for the lipstick-like formula for the spring collection. Crumpet, Croquet, and Hype girls are available now on their site and are just as bold as the new liquid lip colors.

The only problem I see with all these launches is trying to choose just one!

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Image: ColourPopCo/Twitter (1)