Is Beyonce Ivy Park Sold Out In Stores? Here's The Deal

Athleisure and activewear have been embraced by fashion girls and fashion types. Therefore leggings are no longer soley relegated to the gym. When Beyonce announced her Ivy Park collection, which is full of basics like leggings, bras, and tees that can be integrated with plenty of pieces that are already in living in your closet, the Beyhive and fashionistas went nuts. That was understandable, especially once the images of the clothes began to circulate. The collection is a co-branded partnership and Ivy Park is a standalone brand; it's not a typical celeb collabo because Beyonce always does things her way. The Ivy Park collection, which is a joint venture with Sir Philip Green, is being sold online at the Topshop site and at Net-a-Porter. Ivy Park is also on sale at physical Topshop stores and in Nordstrom locations where Topshop clothes are available.

Since there was a ton of hype leading up to the official Ivy Park launch on April 14, you are wondering if the Ivy Park line is sold out in stores. Or is the supply healthy and still shoppable? Here's the verdict: The jury is out.

Bustle tried calling two Topshop locations in NYC to ask if the collection had sold out. But no one answered the phone as of press time.

So, if the online shopping situation is any indication, you're going to have to scope out the items and sizes on your own.

If you plan to head down to a Topshop store or to Nordstrom to browse (what's left of) the collection in person, here are some pieces you should TRY and shop... if they are still available.

Logo Crew Neck Tee, $26, Ivy Park

The loose-fit logo tee lets you enjoy a roomy look but also expresses your love and support of the Queen Bey's new brand.

Sheer Mesh Hoodie, $70, Ivy Park

This mesh hoodie is so turnt. It's not just a regular ol' cozy and cute hoodie. The sheer texture gives it a fashiony boost.

"Y" High-Rise Ankle Leggings , $75, Ivy Park

There tons of leggings options in the Ivy Park collection.

V-Back Mesh Insert Bra, $36, Ivy Park

So many sports bras!!

Hexagon Mesh Parka, $140, Ivy Park

Don't you love how the hexagon pattern mimics snakeskin, making this cute parka even more fashionable?

Hopefully you will find pieces to purchase at retail stores. That way, you can feel the fabrics and try them on, leaving little margin for fashion errors and you won't have to deal with returns.

Images: Courtesy Ivy Park (6)