When Will Taylor Swift's Break Start? Her Schedule Is Still Pretty Busy

Yes, you read that correctly. After wrapping her 1989 World Tour in December and taking home three Grammy Awards for Best Music Video, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Album Of The Year this past February, Taylor Swift is taking a break music — unofficially, anyway. While this doesn't mean that she's going to hold back any urges to pick up her guitar and start writing again, it does mean that the flow of new music that we're used to from Swift is going to come to halt momentarily Swift has her own non-career-focused life to look out for right now, after all. So, when will Swift's music break begin? It all depends on the "Wildest Dreams" singer's current schedule.

Technically, her break has already begun, in that Swift has been relaxing before and after the Vogue article came out and plans to do that for as long as she can. But your version of relaxing and her version of relaxing aren't the same thing, so when is Swift open to take a true and proper break? According to TaylorSwift.com, Swift's next scheduled appearance on her event calendar isn't set to take place until October 22, 2016, when she will be appearing as the headlining act for the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix taking place in Austin, Texas. Other than that, fans can also most likely expect to see Swift hit a few more of those award show red carpets. With the 2016 Billboard Music Awards taking place on May 22, the country-turned-pop star will probably not be want to miss out on another chance to jam out to her favorite songs. And, you know, she also happens to be nominated for eight different awards at that show alone.

Even before that award show, Swift will definitely be appearing at the near-mandatory 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards taking place on Tuesday, May 10. There, she's set to receive the very first "Taylor Swift Award" for her accomplishments within the music industry. Basically, it's not like Swift is just going to drop off the face of the planet any time soon. In fact, between the Billboard Music Awards, the BMI Awards, and, oh yeah, the Radio Disney Music Awards taking place April 30 (in which she's nominated for more awards but she may or may not be attending), her schedule is still busier than most.

So, when does she even have time for a proper break? My best guess is that this summer will be the kick-off of stages lacking appearances from Swift. Award season slows down come June, and Swift has no tour scheduled for the summer this year. Her next obligations (including the kick-off of her very own mobile game) isn't happening until the Fall, so summer seems like the best time for her to Instagram a ton more of those super cute bathing suit pics with Calvin Harris. And, from there, we will just have to watch her every social media post when it comes to figuring out where we might see her next.

However, when it comes to her music, I'm sure that fans won't be waiting around for too long — even if there's no new album set for release. The odds are that all of this downtime being spent with her boyfriend and her besties will spark inspiration for tons of new songs. I'm at least expecting some impromptu original song Instagram videos from America's favorite pop star.

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