Photos Of Ivy Park That Will Make You Want To Own The Entire Collection — PHOTOS

ICYMI (but like, how could you have?) — Beyonce's Ivy Park collection dropped today, meaning your bank account is in serious danger. But before you go shop crazy, you might want to preview some photos of Ivy Park, so I'm here to help you out in the form of 25 of the best looks from the collection. Warning: You will want to buy them all.

Though Ivy Park is actually pretty affordable (the most expensive item is $235), the collection comprises around 200 pieces, so owning everything will not just break your bank — it will full-on demolish it. But it's cool, because you don't need to buy five different pairs of leggings and 15 tank tops — you just have to narrow down what you want to a few key pieces that'll give you a wide range of the entire collection. Besides, you can always add to it over time.

But narrowing down tons of cute things is never easy (especially when Beyonce is involved), so I've got 25 of the best looks from Ivy Park right here for you. Not that you're going to buy all 25, but it's a lot easier to choose from 25 than it is from 200. Just saying...

1. Full-Length Bodysuit

Ivy Park Full Length Bodysuit, $265,

When it's cold out, this bodysuit is there for you.

2. Leggings

Ivy Park Bra Leggings, $65,

These high waisted leggings are totally going to replace your current go-to pair.

3. Bodysuit

Ivy Park Bra Bodysuit, $175,

You know how much Bey loves her bodysuits, and now you can get in on it, too.

4. Crop Top

Mesh Crop Top, $50,

There had to be a crop top in there somewhere.

5. Booty Shorts

Dance Pants, $36,

Who else wants to buy these and recreate the 711 video? Just me?

6. Jacket

Reflective Linear Long-Sleeved Jacket, $220,

I'm actually kind of sad winter is over.

7. Cami

Strappy Camisole, $35,

Yoga goals.

8. Sleeveless Jacket

Hooded Sleeveless Jacket, $115,

It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be cute. And duh, it is.

9. Capri Leggings

Capri Leggings, $62,

I know I said you don't need multiple pairs of leggings...but these are cropped. And kaleidoscope printed.

10. Sports Bra

Bra Top, $110,

Coolest print ever.

11. Logo Bodysuit

Logo Body, $50,

The fact that Beyonce wore this in one of the ads is reason enough to buy it.

12. Baseball Cap

Logo Cap, $25,

Dad hats are totally in right now.

13. Sliders

Logo Sliders, $35,

These are the only sandals you need to shop this summer.

14. Bomber Jacket

Mesh Bomber Jacket, $95,

The jacket of the season is even better when designed by Beyonce.

15. Headband

Logo Headband, $15,

You can spare $15 for this amazingness.

16. Jersey Tank

Jersey Tank, $25,

You can never own too much loungewear.

17. Shorts

Mesh Running Shorts, $52,

These might actually convince me to start running.

18. Skort

Skort, $58,

No worrying about up-skirt views, here.

19. Tank

V-Back Tank, $46,

I seriously can't get enough of that print.

20. Sweatshirt

Corded 04 Sweatshirt, $75,

Just because you're comfy, doesn't mean you can't be cute.

21. Logo Bra

Mesh Insert Bra, $36,

Again, Bey wore it. I'm buying it.

22. Pants

Slim Leg Jogger, $52,

Jogger pants that double as sweats.

23. Beanie

Logo Beanie, $25,

This is the only beanie you'll want to wear from now on.

24. Tee

Logo Mesh Tee, $68,

I'm just imagining how fierce this will look in person.

25. Waistband Shorts

Runner Shorts, $35,

I want that logo everywhere I can get it. Also, pink shorts!

Images: Nordstrom; Topshop