Is There A Winner In 'Captain America: Civil War'? The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Marvel

As you are no doubt aware, Captain America: Civil War will see the Marvel cinematic universe tear itself apart. Captain America and Iron Man lead opposing teams of superheroes against each other in an all-out brawl, with each side believing that they are on the right side of history. But does anyone really win in Marvel's Civil War ?

The reason why Iron Man and Captain America do battle in Civil War is complicated and two-pronged. Following massively destructive international events like the alien invasion in New York City and the Ultron takeover in Sokovia, the Avengers are under intense global scrutiny. The United Nations signs off on a document called the Sokovia Accords, which would put the Avengers under that organization's jurisdiction and prevent them from operating at their own discretion. Iron Man, feeling guilt for the Avengers' role in these cataclysmic events, supports the accords and wants all of the Avengers to sign. Cap, on the other hand, feels that the Avengers themselves are best equipped to make those types of decisions, and sacrificing that freedom could cost innocent lives. The second part of their conflict is more personal, but still relates back to the central argument of who should be calling the shots when it comes to what's right.

When the Winter Soldier, AKA Cap's childhood friend Bucky, reemerges as a terrorism suspect, both the government and Iron Man want to bring him in, but Cap believes that Bucky was framed; or at least brainwashed. Whatever the case, Cap feels that he himself is the best person to find Bucky, since he knows him personally and doesn't believe he would purposely commit any crime. Iron Man, on the other hand, thinks that Bucky's case would be best handled by the law — and he's willing to uphold the law himself.

So they both have a case. Cap has his personal reasons for supporting Bucky, as well as his reservations about the safety of the Sokovia Accords. Iron Man feels that Bucky broke the law, and he also believes that the Avengers have no legal right to decide when they should intervene in criminal activity. So there's a serious difference of opinion, and they each recruit numerous other Avengers to their respective sides. But can there ever really be a winner in this fight?

Let's say, for argument's sake, that Iron Man defeats Captain America in their physical fight (I'm not saying that's what actually happens). Does this mean that Cap will suddenly agree with Iron Man about the Sokovia Accords? Will he immediately concede that Bucky is a criminal and that's the end of it? Probably not. In all likelihood, their fight won't actually solve anything. They have a difference of opinion on an issue that's not black and white, and both of their views are legitimate. Neither of them is clearly in the wrong. So what does this mean for the Marvel cinematic universe moving forward?

Most likely, it means this rift won't be mended so easily. There is a clear divide in the views of these two Avengers, and it's not going to be solved by them punching each other. So to answer my own initial question, no, I don't think there will actually be a winner in this particular war — but hopefully they can work out their differences before Thanos comes calling in Infinity War.

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