How To Wash Ivy Park Clothing Items Properly So You Can Wear Them Every Day

It's here, everyone! Beyonce's Ivy Park activewear line officially hit Nordstrom, Topshop, and other retailers on Thursday, and though there still seem to be a few pieces left, they're going fast. With chic athleisure style and a bit of a sexy edge, the line is brilliant, but how do you wash Ivy Park clothing items? Seem like an odd question, right? Actually, it's not, because one look at the pieces, and you'll want to wear them every damn day, and hey, I just want you to be sanitary about your fashion choices.

Since Beyonce's line was announced at the end of March, the Internet has been abuzz with speculation on what the collection would include and how it could potentially expand over time. With theories of what would stylish fans could expect in the line rampant, everyone now knows what exactly Ivy Park looks like. While the original promotional video revealed some of the pieces, the extensive collection is so much more than what everyone say at the original announcement.

While the styles may be vast, Beyonce's Ivy Park doesn't have plus sizing — yet — but there seems to be little doubt that the collection could expand. With the expansion, a footwear line seems to be on everyone's mind. While there was no sneaker in Thursday's launch, many have speculated that the kicks in Beyonce's promos are, in fact, Ivy Park shoes.

Though we don't have sneakers yet, we do have the gorgeous collection of clothes. The stylish athleisure pieces are definitely going to be major staples in your closet, and to keep this in top shape, you'll have to take care of them. Figuring out how to wash Ivy Park clothing items, though, is far more simple than you'd think.

It's All About Fabric

Ivy Park Hexagon Mess Bomber Jacket, Nordstrom

Depending on which type of pieces you've chosen, you'll get a different fabric. From polyester to cotton, the Ivy Park pieces are constructed of different fabrics, and like most of your clothes, different fabrics require different care. This bomber jacket which is nearly completely polyester required a cold machine wash with a line dry while a cotton may need to be died flat to avoid stretch.

The Trick Is Drying

Ivy Park Slim Leg Jogger Pants, $52, Nordstrom

While almost all of the Ivy Park pieces require a cold machine wash, the pieces differ depending on their drying needs. Some you'll need to dry flat while others will need to be hung.

Always Wash Cold

Ivy Park Logo Mesh Longline V-Neck Tee, $58, Nordstrom

All of Ivy Park requires a cold water wash. Why cold water? Cold water is perfect for delicate fabrics or fabrics of dark or bright colors. Ivy Park has it all.

Basically, not only is Ivy Park gorgeous, but it's upkeep is surprisingly easy. All in all, it's perfect. Much like Queen Bey herself.

Images: Ivy Park; Nordstrom; Topshop