Where Is Kimmy's Mom On 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'? This Reunion Needs To Happen ASAP

Kimmy Schmidt may have been confined to a bunker for 15 years, but truth be told, her psychological troubles began long before she was ever held in captivity, or at least, that's what Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 is leading viewers to believe. (Warning: Episode 10 spoilers ahead!) During one of her therapy sessions with Tina Fey's Andrea Bayden, Kimmy is given the task at allowing herself to become angry. And while a majority of that repressed rage was focused in the Reverend's direction, it also zeroed in on one very important character we have yet to meet on this show: Kimmy's mother. So where is Kimmy Schmidt's mom and why hasn't she come to visit her daughter? Based on what Kimmy's mentioned of her so far, she doesn't seem to possess the greatest motherly instincts.

We learned that Kimmy's trigger for her anger stems from the thought of people abandoning her. When Lillian started to walk away from her in the deli marker and told her "you're on your own," it was like a switch went off in Kimmy's brain that kicked her rage into overdrive. Andrea knew this to mean that there is some other woman in her life that's let her down and could even be responsible for why she ended up in the bunker. And that other woman turned out to be her mother, Lori-Ann Schmidt.


So obviously, this means that it's only a matter of time before this character finally makes her debut. Back in June 2015, executive producer Jack Burditt confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Mama Schmidt would be making an appearance in Season 2, which means these last three episodes should pack a pretty emotional punch when that reunion inevitably occurs.

As for what she's like and where's she's been this whole time, that's hard to say. (It'll be interesting to see if she's where Kimmy gets her peppy attitude from, at the very least.) But either way, it won't be long now until both viewers and Kimmy get some much needed answers to these questions. She deserves to have a loving mother figure in her life (aside from Lillian, of course), and this breakthrough could be exactly what they both need in order to get the ball rolling.

Image: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix; Giphy