How To Wear The Metal Mattes From Kylie Cosmetics Because This Finish Is Versatile — PHOTOS

The metallic mattes are on their way, and as usual, there’s sure to be a frenzy to snatch these lippies up before they’re gone. I mean, they are the most unique colors to come to Kylie Cosmetics, yet, if you ask me. Find out how you should wear Kylie Cosmetics metallic mattes because not only are these colors different, they’re also super versatile.

The matte lipsticks have proven to be good for a variety of beauty looks. People have used them as eyeliner and to give themselves faux freckles because the wearability of these extend way beyond just on your lips. And now that there’s a metallic finish to these lippies, I’d bet that they’re great to get your whole face glowing. Why not try wearing them as eye shadow or using them to create a strong highlight, you know? I see absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Go on and get creative with it because having a radiant, dewy look is all the rage right now, anyways. And I don’t know about you, but I’m all for wearing my Lip Kit as many ways as possible, especially if I’m lucky enough to grab one of these gorgeous, shiny shades!

Check out five of the ways you can get a Jenner-approved glow on more than just your pout.

1. Eyeliner

Just imagine a shiny version of this swept across you lid. This would be super easy to pull off, whether the metallic mattes come with a lip liner or not.

2. Cheek Highlight

If your highlight could perfectly match your lips, that'd pretty much be the best thing ever, right?

3. Brow Highlight

I see nothing wrong with sweeping a bit of this beneath your brows, either.

4. Freckles

Metallic freckles would get you Coachella-ready in no time!

5. Eye Shadow

We already know these shades look amazing as swatches on arms and on lips, so that leads me to believe that they'd look incredible on eye lids, too.

With all of this shimmer power, there's nothing these lippies can't do!

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Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)