The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Just Added Francie, aka The Last Character You Ever Expected To See Again

Just when you think the Gilmore Girls revival has managed to bring back every possible character, the last character you ever expected to see again gets added to the Netflix revival. Brace yourselves: Francie is returning to Gilmore Girls . You remember Francie, right? The leader of The Puffs? The Season 3 mean girl who stirred up trouble between Rory and Paris? The girl who cornered Rory in the Chilton bathroom for clandestine meetings? The only 21st century 17-year-old who was a fan of All The President's Men? Yes, that Francie. Her portrayer, Emily Bergl, confirmed Francie's return on Twitter, but what could Francie possibly be doing in the revival?

My first instinct tells me there really is going to be a Chilton reunion. With Francie, Paris, Rory, Headmaster Charleston, and possibly even Tristan all returning, it looks like the graduating class of 2003 is getting back together again. Chilton is definitely playing an important role in the revival. It looks like Rory could be teaching there, and that opens up all kinds of possible reasons for so many Chilton alumni to be around.

If Francie isn't returning for a reunion, she could be a teacher at Chilton too, ensuring her rivalry with Rory and Paris lives on. She could also now be a mom, leading to Rory teaching Francie's offspring and being forced into the most awkward parent/teacher conference of all time. Whatever it is that brings Francie back into Rory and Paris' orbit, here's hoping she hasn't mellowed with age because what would be the fun in that?

The best part about this news may very well be the revelation from Bergl's tweet that she and and Liza Weil (Paris) were roommates way back in 1998. These two powerhouse ladies, who are both currently starring in ABC dramas (Bergl in American Crime and Weil in How to Get Away with Murder), go way back. That explains why Paris and Francie's scenes always felt so natural and electric. Bergl and Weil's history as friends made their onscreen feud pop.

Since the actresses are sharing a trailer (judging by Bergl's tweet above), it is safe to assume they are filming on the same day. That means whatever it is that brings Francie back — a reunion, a teaching position, a desire to compare her success to Paris' — will involve Paris in some way. I honestly never thought I would see Paris and Francie face off again, but the Gilmore Girls revival is continuing to make even my most far-fetched Gilmore Girls dreams come true. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Francie's presence doesn't lead to another duel between Paris and Rory, though.

Prepare yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans, because the human whirlwind of terror that is Francie is returning after all these years. Here's hoping Paris and Rory are ready for another round of Francie's special brand of terror.

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