Tom Hiddleston Bought A Car With His First Big Paycheck, But What Happened To It Is Tragic

It's not uncommon for actors to make a bit of a splurge when they get their first big paycheck from a film, and Tom Hiddleston is no different. According to an interview he did with The ShortList in 2011, Hiddleston's first big purchase was a car he bought in 2001, after he got paid for an HBO BBC gig. "It was just enough to afford a Peugeot 106 1.1," he told the outlet. "I had it for 10 years, and I drove it around France and Spain." But, today Bustle learned just what happened to Tom Hiddleston's first important car, and it's quite a tragic tale. (It has a happy ending, though, don't worry.) While doing press for The Night Manager at the Tribeca Film Festival, Hiddleston reveals to Bustle that the "car was sadly stolen and has now been impounded, because it was wrecked by some joy-riders in London."

How dare they? Hiddleston had hinted at that outcome in the ShortList interview saying, "When I went to America for Thor I left it with my sister, whose boyfriend lived on Blackhorse Road [in north London]. I don’t think it lasted very long." It's a shame that the car is no longer, but all is not lost. In that ShortList interview, Hiddleston made a New Year's Resolution back in 2012 that he would get a new car. "I'm in need of four motorized wheels to take me places I’ve never been," he told the site.

And, now he's finally made good on that promise thanks to a little help from his friends in high places. After appearing in several Jaguar ads in 2015, Hiddleston now "temporarily" owns his own Jaguar F-TYPE, he tells Bustle, and he couldn't be more pleased with the upgrade from the Peugeot 106. "I used to think I wasn't into that sort of thing until [the Jaguar] was in my possession," he admits. When asked if he's into it now, he answers, "Goodness me, yes. It's huge fun to drive."

Still, R.I.P Peugeot 106. You were... a car. But, having googled what they look like, I think I can say that the Jaguar is a huge upgrade. So, all's well that ends well.

Image: rebloggy