Is Beyonce's 'Lemonade' A Short Film? This Could Be The Rumor We've Been Waiting For

Beyoncé is basically the Queen of dropping amazing things when we least expect it. However, this time around could actually not be as random as you might think. Although it felt abrupt when Beyoncé released the Lemonade preview of a mysterious world premiere event that no one saw coming, the thing is that someone did see it coming. At least, I think so. Lemonade could be our first look at the rumored short film that the Beyhive announced in February 2016. Along with her upcoming new album and world tour, it was also rumored that Beyoncé had a short film on it's way. With no details released in regards to the film's title, concept, or what and where we can expect it, the HBO-led, music-lacking new clip could very well be the first clue Beyoncé fans have been waiting for.

In the clip, Beyoncé is seen in what appears to be a parking garage, leaning her head against a car in a way so that we can't see her face. A dramatic tone plays in the background throughout, and we then hear Beyoncé's voice saying the words, "What am I gonna do?" before the word Lemonade even appears on the screen. The moment is intense, it leaves you begging for more context, and it includes the same cornrows (and a different, but similar, fur coat) we saw her sporting in the "Formation" music video. Watch the intense clip below.

Beyoncé on YouTube

Aside from the fact that an unknown short film has been rumored, the HBO release, an official hour start time (as opposed to the regular 8:55 p.m.-type timing we usually see for music video releases), and the general lack of music in the clip itself all allude to the fact that Lemonade is not just another song off her new album. Plus, with Lemonade appearing to hold a similar style to the statement-heavy "Formation" video, it also aligns with the themes in which fans may have expected any short film Beyoncé releases to follow. As in, yes, Lemonade could very well be the extended ode to Black Culture that we already saw a piece of in "Formation." Because not only is Beyoncé an incredible dramatic actress, but she also knows how to share her voice through her art.

So, gear up for what could (possibly) be the must-watch short film of the year. And, even if Lemonade does just end up being another music video, there's really nothing to complain about. Because, as always, whatever Queen Bey has coming our way is bound to be mind-blowing. Get in formation for some HBO watching Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

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