Every Clue About Jess' Return We've Learned About The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival So Far

I have to take a moment to remind all of our readers that Rory Gilmore has aged, just like all of us, and that there are many new facets of her life that are important. You know, like where she lives, and how she treats the younger generation of Stars Hollow, and what she dog for a living. That being said, because I am a shameless 'shipper, I can't help but wonder, well, who's Rory going to end up with? My obvious choice is the one who challenges Rory creatively, which is clearly the brooding book reader, Jess. So what do we know about Jess in the Gilmore Girls revival? I mean, yeah, sure, he was a little punky, but who wasn't sometimes irreconcilably flawed in high school?

I like to imagine the two of them shacked up together in a row house in Philadelphia, writing great American novels and journalism text books and eating delicious Chinese take out for the rest of their days. (Or maybe that's me I'm imagining cozying up with this fictional character...) But, alas, the gang hasn't even finished shooting the revival yet, so who knows when we'll actually know what happens to Jess Mariano? To tide you all over, allow me to present all the information we know about Jess' return in the Gilmore Girls revival.

1. He Will Appear In Three Seasons


The revival is broken up into four parts for the four seasons of the year: "Winter," "Spring," "Summer," and "Fall." In an interview with TVLine, Milo Ventimiglia spilled that he will appear in "more than two, less than four" episodes, which probably means three.This information could mean anything. He could just be in town visiting family for holidays (Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, what have you) or he could be trying to woo his lady love, Rory.

2. He — Or At Least His Car — Will Be Around During "Winter"

Look at that hip car parked in Stars Hollow with snow on it. Jess is the type to own hip, retro cars. "Winter"is going to be the first episode of the revival, so this snow probably means he'll be there in the very beginning. Maybe we'll see Jess in Stars Hollow for Christmas with his Uncle Luke, Auntie Lorelei, and future wife Rory?

3. He Could Also Be There During "Fall"

Both Jared Padelecki (Dean) and Ventimiglia were interviewed about their thoughts about a different, but mirroring, Warner Brothers rivalry: Superman and Batman. Of course Ventimiglia chose Batman. But the hint about Jess' fate is in the background. The two are interviewed in front of a Stars Hollow that is set up for autumnal bliss. Meanwhile, "Fall" happens to be the last episode of the revival, so Jess might be there 'til the bitter end —and so will Dean.

4. He's Ready To Shake Things Up


In the same TVLine interview, Ventimiglia teased that Jess is ready to "strap on his leather jacket and pop back in to shake things up." Perhaps his bad boy ways are back. At the very least, it seems the leather jacket is (swoon!).

5. Rory Is Going To End Up With One Of Her Exes


While Michael Winters, who plays Taylor Doose, didn't want to throw his hat in with any contender for the Rory 'ship during his interview on Gilmore Guys, he definitely dropped a bit of a bombshell, "I think I know from the scripts who has an edge, but I'm not going there." So Jess could definitely end up with Rory or definitely not end up with Rory.

6. He's Up To "Jess Sh*t"

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As Ventimiglia revealed at Comic Con, one thing about Jess hasn't changed, and that thing is that he "is just up to Jess sh*t. He's Jess. He's a little salty and ornery. Kind of doing his own thing and has zero tolerance for anything or anyone." I have to say, it's nice when people don't change.

7. He Ended The Series As A Writer Working At A Publishing House


We all know how books and publishing houses went after the internet took over our lives. It's kind of like how journalism went. Rory had to bail from her journalism career, so it isn't totally improbable that Jess might have to bail on his publishing career.

Just like there's more to Rory than who she's dating, so too is there more to Jess than just being Rory's beau. He's also an important character based on his relationship with Luke, not to mention he has own merits. All the information we have isn't definitely descriptive, but it certainly sheds some light on what may happen to our pal. No matter where Jess ends up in the revival, I am so excited to gaze into his deep brown eyes again.

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