Daniel Passino Sings Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" On 'The Voice' & Proves He's Only Getting Better

Daniel Passino has really captivated America this season on The Voice. He was able to bounce back after he was eliminated from the competition when he was chosen as a Comeback Artist for Team Pharrell and he has been killing it ever since. In his first performance as a member of the Top 12, Daniel Passino performed "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson and made it clear that he has completely transformed as an artist. It seems like getting temporarily knocked out of the competition was the best thing to ever happen to him. Being on Team Pharrell has revitalized Daniel Passino and given him the confidence to branch out as a singer.

He really embodied the title of the show when he shared his voice and opinions with Pharrell while preparing for this week's performance. His mentor Pharrell was so impressed by Daniel's input that he remarked, "You are essentially producing the song." He really had faith in Daniel and his abilities. The only thing he wanted Daniel to do was stop second guessing himself. He told Daniel, "Don't think. That's the only thing that can get in your way."

Before the performance, Daniel said, "I'm going to give it everything I got and I'm just going to try and have fun." And he definitely did. He was able to make a classic Michael Jackson jam his own, have a great time, and still pay respect to the original song. The other coaches had no choice but to admit that they were impressed.

Adam Levine was gushing with praise for Daniel's performance and his new found confidence: "It's so amazing what confidence does for a person. It seems like you've turned into this completely different human being that is just so comfortable," Levine said. The Maroon 5 singer even got self-deprecating for a second when he remarked, "You were comfortable enough to laugh in the middle of a performance. I would never be able to do that. I would never be able to let myself go to that extent — I'm so impressed." And, Levine wasn't even his coach so you know it says a lot to get such great compliments.

Daniel's former coach Christina Aguilera was equally impressed by the performance so she had to throw out the phrase of the moment and start her critique with a "Damn, Daniel" and she gave credit to his new coach when she said, "Pharrell has definitely built up your confidence. It's showing."

And of course, Pharrell was pretty pleased with his Comeback Artist. In typical Pharrell fashion, he refused to take any credit for the amazingness. Pharrell said, "I really cant take any praise out of this. This is all due to you ... Look at what you willed yourself to do. You killed it. Damn, Daniel."

"Damn, Daniel" is the perfect way to phrase it. There is not a single person watching who was not impressed by that performance. Daniel is killing it and he is definitely the one to watch at this point.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC