'The Night Manager' Cast Has More Than Just Tom Hiddleston In The Way Of A-Listers

To say that I'm excited for the premiere of AMC's six-part miniseries The Night Manager is a bit of an understatement. Based on the John la Carré novel of the same name, the series will center around Tom Hiddleston's character Jonathan Pine, who gets recruited into taking down a British arms dealer and falls headfirst into the complicated world of espionage. (As one does.) And while Hiddleston has understandably been the main focus prospective viewers have gravitated to, it's definitely worth mentioning that he is not the only A-list star that can be found throughout the spy series. In fact, the entire cast of The Night Manager is filled with star-studded talent, guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Of course, that's not an attempt to take away the spotlight from Hiddleston, by any means. His character, after all, will be the most prominently featured one throughout the show. (Bless you, AMC!) However, that shouldn't underscore everything that the rest of the ensemble will bring to the table. Just like with any other project, the characters are only as good as the actors portraying them. So based on this cast, The Night Manager is definitely in good hands and bound to be the addictive thriller we all want it to be.

Tom Hiddleston

Let's start with the main man himself, shall we? Known best for his role as Loki from Thor and The Avengers, the actor will take on the role of Jonathan Pine, the night manager at a luxury hotel in Cairo who attempts to infiltrate the inner circle of an evil British arms dealer after a woman is murdered in his hotel. Is this perhaps a trial run for Hiddleston's future role as the next James Bond? Who's to say, but a girl sure can dream, can't she?

Hugh Laurie

You can't think of this name without calling to mind Laurie's unforgettable portrayal as the maverick physician Gregory House on House M.D. But now, instead of being a brilliant doctor with a drug problem, the actor will play the billionaire British arms dealer, Richard Onslow Roper, whose trust Hiddleston's character hopes to gain. Let's hope he approaches this alliance carefully, though, because something tells you don't want to get on this guy's bad side.

Olivia Colman

Those of you familiar with other great British television crime dramas will undoubtedly recognize Colman from the popular series Broadchurch. (Doctor Who fans may also remember her as one of Prisoner Zero's many forms.) In The Night Manager, however, the actress will star as Angela Burr, an intelligence agent who convinces Pine (Hiddleston) to help her bring Roper (Laurie) down for good. I'm sure the operation will go off without a hitch.

Elizabeth Debicki

The actress, best known for appearing in films such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Great Gatsby, will play Roper's mistress, Jed Marshall, for whom Pine starts developing feelings for. So yeah, that's totally not going to blow up in anyone's face.

Tom Hollander

From Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pride & Prejudice fame, Hollander will take on the part of Roper’s top security man, Corcoran, who makes it his business to keep close tabs on Pine at all times. If anyone's going to catch Hiddleston's character in a slip up, it'll be this guy. Watch your back, Pine!

So whether you're a fan of spy thrillers or not, trust me when I say this ensemble cast will make the experience well worth your while. Get ready to become addicted.

Images: Mitch Jenkins/AMC (2); Des Willie/AMC (4)