Lover's Day Is A Holiday To Show Your Partner How Much You Appreciate Them

Because Valentine’s Day apparently isn’t enough, Saturday April 23 is Lover’s Day. And what is Lover’s Day, you may be asking yourself? Well, it's basically a day where you take time to show your partner just how much you love and appreciate them. Maybe Valentine’s Day maybe just wasn't enough or too commercial? Although the origin is a bit spotty, with some historians link it to the European holiday, St. George’s Day, the fact remains that Lover’s Day is this weekend, so you should probably celebrate it.

In honor of Lover’s Day, SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey delved into exactly what people are looking for in a lover or partner — let’s go with "partner" because "lover" just sounds so salacious for some reason. They asked over 5,000 sexually-active men and women, 85 percent of whom identify as heterosexual, between the ages of 18 and 34 what sort of things won’t just initially attract them to a partner, but will want them to keep that partner around. Although some of the traits that men and women are looking for overlap, men tend to be more hellbent on procuring a partner with physical traits that catch their eye than women. Heterosexual women want substance; men want big butts.

Here are the five findings from the Millennial Sex Survey that shows what you’re up against if you’re looking for a partner of the opposite sex just in time for Lover’s Day. But first, check out our video on sex positions for small penises:

1. Both Men and Women Put Attractiveness First

As much as this makes me slam my fist into the desk and say, “People are so shallow,” it only makes sense the attractiveness would be the most important thing for both women and men, 75 percent and 74 percent, respectively. However, attractiveness isn’t just about looks; it’s about a lot more than that, so in calling people shallow, I jumped the gun a bit.

2. Women Rank Confidence And Humor Higher Than Men Do

While 71 percent of women are looking for a partner who’s confident, only 53 percent of men can say the same. When it comes to humor, it’s a similar situation. For 66 percent of women, humor is an important trait, while only 52 percent of men agreed. What’s the matter, boys? Not a big fan of funny women?

3. Women Are Looking For Spontaneity

In addition to not really caring about whether or not a woman is funny, while 58 percent of the ladies out there are hoping to find spontaneity in a sexual partner, that particular trait didn’t even fall under the men’s radar. But just as that didn’t fall under the men’s radar, while 54 percent of them are looking for intelligence, the women in the survey didn’t even have that in their top requirements.

4. Men Are More Concerned With Bigger Everything

While only 27 percent of women are hoping to find a partner with a big penis, almost 50 percent of guys are looking for women with big butt and big boobs. For 46 percent of men, their ideal partner would have big boobs and for 44 percent of men, big butts are a must. I wonder if these guys list that on their dating profiles.

5. Playfulness For Both Men And Women Makes For A Keeper

Although men and women differ on a few things, at least in regards to percentages and physical attributes, they’re both pretty similar when it comes to playfulness. Women, at 69 percent and men, at 60 percent, think that playfulness in a sexual partner is the best — because it is, to be honest. Being serious all the time is exhausting.

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