Clues The Final 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Teaser Reveal Ahead Of The Premiere — VIDEO

Ahead of the Season 6 premiere Sunday, thefinal Game Of Thrones trailer was released on Tuesday — and, no surprise, it is a short, anxiety-inducing, violent set of clips. Since Season 5, tensions have been mounting, the battles are reaching their fever pitch, and houses are clashing as central characters perish and alliances dissolve/form. Though the new 30-second teaser has old footage from the other trailers, there are still new clues from this new one.

We already know that Cersei is choosing violence to get revenge on the High Sparrow, and Jaime is committed to that too. Daenerys is held captive by cruel Dothraki, and of course, Jon Snow's dead body is still a dead body. Davos and Melisandre seem like they will play huge roles in Season 6, fleeing to the wall. The themes of Season 6 are heavy with vengeance and bloodshed like never before, and it's not looking real good for anyone (except maybe Varys, who never really seems affected by anything).

But there are some new clues from the teaser trailer, and surprisingly an old face we haven't seen in a while. Mostly, the teaser is a reminder that there will be violence tenfold in all of Westeros, and the White Walkers beyond the Wall will show no mercy. As always, spoilers ahead (if you have been living under a rock).

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1. Meet Me At The Wall, It's Going Down

Entertainment Weekly hooked it up with an insider tip on the new trailer: the very first overhead shot of Castle Black before the sun comes up is also the very first shot in the Season 6 premiere. That means Jon Snow's death might be the first thing handled in the premiere (hopefully) — and whatever the result, the fallout is going to be explosive.

This season of Game Of Thrones seems like it will be a release of the vicious tension that has been built up by battles, deaths, and traitors. And so much of that has Castle Black and the Wall at the center. Davos and Melisandre have ridden to Castle Black, possibly to steal Jon Snow's body to fulfill the Azor Ahai prophecy. The White Walkers, led by the Night's King, are approaching from the North, heading off against the Wildings and those in the black — annnd, there's also the mutineers. And did I mention the Boltons are close behind at Winterfell? Something terrifying and game-changing is going to happen at the Wall, where North and South will collide.

2. Meereen's Got Trouble

After Daenerys was whisked away by her dragon, Drogon, Tyrion was left with Missandei, Greyworm and Varys in Meereen, which has been terrorized by the Harpies of Fury. Does that mean that Tyrion will face a famine with Daenerys gone and all control lost? Or will he be successful in getting the citizens of Meereen to trust him in Khaleesi's absence? That could be why he's trying to get on her dragons' good sides.

3. The Battle Of The Bastards Looks Even More Likely

There's another shot of human garbage Ramsay Bolton leading an army into battle, which seems more and more like it will be the Battle of the Bastards. Book fans know that the battle, between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, is hinted at in the end of the last completed book, A Dance With Dragons, when Bolton sends Jon Snow a letter that demands his bride and his Reek back. The problem here is that Jon Snow is supposed to be dead in Season 6. So thaaaat would mean that the Battle of the Bastards would be Ramsay versus a ombiez Snow.

But this footage is convincing enough for me that the Battle is might be happening, which means Jon Snow has to come back from beyond.

4. Sansa's Hiding From Someone

Most likely Ramsay Bolton, who is surely on a rampage to find her after she escaped Winterfell with Theon. She's in a thicket of branches — but is she still with Theon in this scene, or has she fled alone?

5. Arya's Got Her Groove Back

... and, based on the books, at some point her eyesight — but we don't get a glimpse of those milky-whites in this teaser. What we do get is Arya dance-fighting someone in the House of Black and White, and even the split second clip shows just how far she has come with her training, whipping out those Matrix moves with some parkour thrown in. Who is she fighting? It's clear that Arya is no longer that little girl from Season 1 sticking them with the pointy end: she is dangerous now.

6. Ellaria Is Back For Vengeance

The war has reached a fever pitch, and everyone is out for revenge. Including someone we haven't seen in any previous trailers: Ellaria Sand, the lover of the Viper, Prince Oberyn, who was killed via smashed eyeballs at the end of Season 4 by the Mountain. She is a strong woman on a mission, and women in Game Of Thrones are the best players, so she could wreak some havoc in her quest for revenge.

7. Someone's Rolling In On Ships In A Storm

And it could be a pirate. Season 6 will introduce a new character: Euron Greyjoy, uncle of the Greyjoy we know, Theon. The brother of Balon, Euron is the only pirate in George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire series, and he captains a ship called Silence, on which all of the crew members have their tongues cut off. In short, he's not a nice dude. In the book series, Balon Greyjoy dies, and Euron is made the King of the Iron Islands. Balon lives on the show, but Euron could have heard that Theon was at Winterfell and decided to head in his direction. Or, he could be trying to storm King's Landing to take the throne for himself, cause everybody wants a piece.

Game Of Thrones is back on Sunday.

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