Which Gilmore Girl Are You? This Question Will Determine It Once And For All

It's a question that all Gilmore Girls fans ask themselves whilst watching the show: Which Gilmore girl am I? It’s like an earlier version of the question that has been asked about any culturally significant show, like Sex and the City and Girls. But the difference here is that the Gilmore girls characters have a lot of similarities. For as much as they may differ, they share similar coping mechanisms, emotional expression, taste in books, and that super sharp wit. So finding one question that will determine which Gilmore girl you really are is harder than you’d think.

And then I thought of the perfect one. Because there is one way in which Emily, Lorelai, and Rory Gilmore are different. So ask yourself the following question to find out whether you’re an Emily, a Lorelai, or a Rory, because the answer to this is the ultimate way of defining which Gilmore girl you truly are:

If you could order any type of food to be delivered to your doorstep right now, what would it be?

Now before you scroll down and read the results, think long and hard about what you’d really choose. You’re going to want to have very specific foods in mind before you read the answers. I wouldn’t want your true character to be swayed by you forgetting to mention you want dessert or something delicious like that.

So, once you have your food in mind, scroll down and find out which Gilmore girl you really are.

If Your Food Choice Involves More Than One Course…


Why in the world would you have someone bring you vile food from some take-out restaurant when you can have at least three of the five mandatory courses prepared for you at home? And if it involves some form of cassoulet, then all the better. In this case, you are most certainly an Emily Gilmore.

If Your Food Choice Involves More Than One Regional Cuisine…


You wouldn’t dare settle for just pizza. No, thank you. You prefer to order a mish mash of sorts from all of your favorite restaurants, just like Lorelai Gilmore. A girl likes choice, after all. Especially if that choice is between Chinese takeout and greasy pizza.

If Your Food Choice Depends On The Night Of The Week…


You couldn’t say what you’d prefer until you know the night of the week. If it’s a random Thursday: Greasy takeout all the way. But if you’re asked about what you want on a Friday night, then you’re going to want something fancy. A steak, maybe, with enough martinis to make the world go ‘round. Because just like Rory Gilmore, you like your food high’s coupled very closely with your food low’s.

And there you have it, Gilmore Girls, fans. The truth once and for all about which Gilmore girl you really and truly are.

Now somebody order me a pizza.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (3)