Stunning & Quirky Ways To Showcase Flowers

Is there anything better than basking in the glory of a tidy home and adding the finishing touch with a bouquet of fresh flowers? You could take this one step further and create a unique flower arrangement to really make your living space sing. There's not a lot that makes me happier than a spick and span home filled with aromatic blooms, aside from maybe vegan brownies or being attacked by puppies.

Flowers are a great way to liven up your place and make it look truly beautiful at any time of year. Daffodils are a vibrant pick for spring, wild flowers are perfect for summer, charming marigolds are reminiscent of pumpkins in autumn, and there's nothing more exquisite than white roses in winter. Aside from being a sight for sore eyes, flowers also enrapture your sense of smell. Of course, using scented candles is a great way to help your home smell divine, but there's something special about the delightful perfume of fresh flowers. Plus, there's the scary news that limonene, that's often used in scented candles, could turn into formaldehyde, which is definitely not something you want in the atmosphere of your home.

So, to play it safe, bring the outside in and become a seriously house proud person with these unusual ways to showcase your flowers.

1. The Simple Mason Jar

Chances are, you've probably got a mason jar lying around the house. If you're not using it to drink green smoothies out of, put it to good use and pop your flowers in it instead! Homewares maker Rainy Sunday's pastel floral and interiors theme looks good enough to eat!

2. The Adorable Egg Cup

Egg cups are only used on the odd occasion when you fancy a boiled egg and soldiers, so why not use this cute crockery more often by delicately placing your favorite flower heads inside? This is also a great way to repurpose old egg cups that you no longer use, especially if you've gone vegan.

3. The Wooden Wrap

To achieve this look you could use bamboo, twigs, or even a repurposed sushi mat! This style will add an awesome outdoorsy vibe to your home, which will be great for nature lovers.

4. Color Co-ordinating Blooms

Flower fanatics might want to show off multiple bouquets at once. A clever way to do this is by color co-ordinating your blooms to match your decor, which is sure to add a fresh feeling throughout your home.

5. The Glass Box

If you've got green fingers, don't cover up your hard work! Take a peek at your blooming marvellous creation by using a glass box that will give your home a minimalist vibe. The key to this look is layering.

6. The Hat Box

Go for a real Sex and the City vibe by popping your flowers inside decorative hat boxes. Of course you'll need some sort of concealed vase hidden in the bottom of the box, but that can be your little design secret.

7. The Flower Frames

Keep it simple with a gorgeous, painted flower frame or build your own elaborate design to make a statement wall shine. If crafting isn't a hobby you enjoy, you can pick some flower frames up from Rainy Sunday – they've got a whole host of styles and colors to choose from.

Fresh flowers are way too beautiful to be stuck in a boring, old vase, so get creative and show off your style with these unusual ways to showcase flowers.

Image: rainy_sunday_/Instagram