The One Thing To Know About Eyelash Extensions Because You Want Lashes That Last — PHOTOS

I have been all about eyelash extensions lately. It's a morning routine time saver and a relief to ditch mascara and to not have to worry about which brand to use or how many coats to apply to get some curl and lift without inadvertently giving myself that dreaded spidery look. Earlier this winter, I experimented with the salon down the street from my house in New Jersey. Last week, I experienced the magic of Clementina Richardson of Envious Lashes in NYC. During my 90-minute session with her, I learned so much about the art —and trust me, it is an art— of eyelash extensions. It was a true education process for me. So what's the one most important thing you need to know about getting eyelash extensions?

It's really simple, actually. You need to know your natural lash type before you proceed, since that will indicate which type of extension you are a candidate for. Yes, really. Therefore, you need to engage in a consultation with your lash stylist and you need to listen to (and accept) what they say. You can't walking in and say, "I want fluttery lashes" or "I want long, really curled, Kylie Jenner-like lashes" and expect to walk out with those if your natural lash is not ripe enough.

Check out that length and curl. I want my lash extensions to last forever!

As soon as I met Richardson, a lash pioneer who counts Mary J. Blige among her clients, she pointed out that my winged liner told her that I like high impact, "Boom!" eyes. From that moment on, I knew she was the last stylist for me.

Richardson looked at my natural lashes, assessed them as thick, dark, dense, and coarse, which I learned are the most desirable qualities for extensions. But my lashes are also impossibly straight, which meant I needed lift and curl so extensions would work with and highlight my eye makeup style!

Lucky for me, having naturally coarse and dense lashes meant my natural lash could support the look and weight of heavier, curled extensions. If my lashes were soft, light, and sparse, or had breakage from prior extension applications, I might have had to settle for more of a fluttery look. The last thing I need is eyelash bald spots! Yes, those exist.

Who needs mascara!?

The main thing you must do is to listen to your lash stylist to get the best end result.

During my sesh, Richardson, a true lash extension customizer, explained which lashes she was using and why. She worked quickly, giving me updates and allowing me to see her progress. Her effervescent personality drew me in, too.

A week later and my lashes are still full, curved, and definitive. There is the option to maintain lashes year round with fill ins and touch ups, to keep the extensions in great shape and costs under control.

The only not-so-good news? Lash extensions are absolutely fabulous, but they are not cheap. You'll need to come up with a plan that works best for your wallet.

Luxuriating Lash Conditioning Serum, $75, Envious Lashes

Another thing to know? Richardson has developed a Lash Conditioner with a curved wand. You apply it twice a day to the root of your lash. It keeps your natural lashes strong and healthy and therefore helps prolong the life of the extensions. You can also use this product to condition brows.

Depending on your budget, the lash look your desire, and how much time you can invest in your lashes, the golden rule is to know what type of lashes you have and listen to your lash stylist.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (6); Courtesy Envious Lashes (1)