Finally Khloé Kardashian Joins Her Sisters On Snap

After weeks of anticipation, the moment you've been waiting for is officially here. Well, if you're a fan of the Kardashians and a social media enthusiast, that is. Just like her sisters, Khloé Kardashian finally joined Snapchat. She's the last of them to sign up for the app — even her brother Rob already hopped on that bandwagon. So, what's Khloé's Snapchat name? It's rather straightforward, just like the reality star herself. Coinciding with her Twitter and Instagram handles, her username is KhloeKardashian. That's easy to remember.

She may have just joined Snapchat, but Khloé's already raising eyebrows. That's because one of her first posts featured a special guest star: Lamar Odom. She apparently loves testing out different filters, so they both look like aliens in the video (see below). This is rather interesting and semi-significant, considering Khloé recently posted a heartfelt Instagram about letting go of people, which was believed to be about Odom. Based on her Snapchat posted Tuesday night, he's clearly still in the picture.

Considering the sad news that Kocktails with Khloé is coming to an end, I'm rooting for her Snapchat to become a substitute for that. In other words, I hope she'll feature all kinds of guests, even if it's just her friends and family.

Khloé has a reputation among her sisters for being the most likely to speak her mind. She's always open on Twitter when it comes to calling out people who have insulted her or her family. And as mentioned earlier, she often posts lengthy, heartfelt messages about how she really feels on Instagram. Snapchat now provides another way for fans to get a closer look at Khloé's life. Plus, it can also be a way to shut down rumors, like the ones circulating about her cutting out Odom.

While I'm sure she'll make the most of Snapchat, she is a newbie and she's already joking about the extra pressure to upload good posts.

It's unclear right now how she plans to use the app (aside from using filters galore), but I'm pretty excited to see what happens. Knowing Khloé, she won't disappoint.