Will Tina Fey Appear In Her 'Mean Girls' Musical? It's Definitely In The Works

If you’ve been following the rumors about a Mean Girls musical happening sometime soon, then I'mma need you to take a seat. If there isn’t one nearby, though, then brace yourselves, people — because Tina Fey was talking all about the Mean Girls musical at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, and it looks like the break from Kimmy Schmidt is giving her and her composer husband the time they need to focus on the exciting new script. Specifically: Considering Ellie Kemper's pregnancy, Fey said at the film festival that the talented couple will have the entire summer to focus on the Mean Girls musical. But, before we all start singing off key in celebration, the question on everyone’s mind now is will Tina Fey star in the Mean Girls musical?

Now if you’re thinking about all of those times when Tina Fey sang on Saturday Night Live or for various other appearances, I hear you. Most Saturday Night Live cast members can sing their little hearts out. (Or, rather, have the confidence to fake it enough to sound sure of themselves.) But would they hold up on a Broadway stage? The standards are a little bit different.

Sure, I think Fey could do it if she were put up to the task, but in a 2013 commercial for the Golden Globes — the ones that she and Amy Poehler hosted — it was clear she's definitely an actress and writer first. It’s possible that she was faking it, but I think Fey is a woman who knows where her real talents lie. Something tells me she’d leave it up to the experts to play Ms. Norbury, the role she made famous in the original Mean Girls movie.

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Still, there might be a possibility for Tina Fey to star in the musical, but just not have a singing role. But, I’m guessing even that is unlikely. Especially since, during a sit down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!, the star was adamant that she would not star in the musical version of Mean Girls. Instead, she said she’d be happy to leave that part to the professionals.

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Ah well. It was an exciting thought. At least we can look forward to her hilarious writing at the heart of this incredible-sounding project.