5 Ways 'Time' 100 Honoree Karlie Kloss Makes An Impact Beyond Her Modeling Career

This model and fashion icon may initially strike TIME readers as an odd choice for The 100 Most Influential People of 2016 list, but think again. TIME 100 honoree Karlie Kloss is way more than "just" a supermodel, although she's pretty darn incredible at that too. From starting a scholarship program to pursuing academics, Kloss deserves this recognition for so much more than just her ability to work a runway and rock a photo shoot.

That's not to say modeling isn't something to be proud of. It's a tough industry, and to make yourself a household name and face featured in hundreds of magazines, advertisements, and on runways like Kloss has is no easy feat. But this particular model has a hand in so much more. Kloss has gotten involved in coding, pursued entrepreneurial gigs, promoted philanthropic organizations, and then some. So while there's no denying she's a stunning, talented model, she's also so much more.

So, here are five things Kloss has done besides model that prove she has earned the TIME 100 honor for more than just one reason. Be prepared to be completely inspired and impressed by this incredible model (and Taylor Swift BFF). And don't be surprised if you see her on the list again in years to come.

1. Founded KLOSSY

Klossy on YouTube

You probably already follow Kloss on Twitter, and double-tap her amazing Instagram photos every time they come up on your feed. But did you know that she's also the founder, creator, and star of her own YouTube series, KLOSSY? With the hopes of showing her authenticity, telling her side of the story, getting personal with fans, and, as she told Fast Co-Create, showing people that she really is “a normal 23-year-old girl," Kloss created her channel. And if you get a chance to watch some of her videos, you'll know that she truly succeeds in doing all of those things. Good luck watching just one video, because I guarantee you'll want to be sitting there all afternoon.

2. Enrolled At New York University

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone who hangs up their Victoria's Secret Angel Wings must be doing it for a good reason. That's right, Kloss exchanged her spot on the Victoria's Secret roster to attend New York University. She told Elle that she wanted to invest in herself, saying "... that's what education is, I think: a great investment in me."

3. Partnered With Momofuku Milk Bar

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Since partnering with the Momofuku Milk Bar in 2012, Kloss has used her baking skills and business smarts to help benefit a variety of different causes, such as the FEED organization, and the Council of Fashion Designers of North America's (CFDA) Foundation’s Educational Initiative, which gives young aspiring designers the chance to pursue their dreams.

4. Designed Sunglasses With Warby Parker

A brand collaboration is pretty typical for any big-name model these days. But when that collaboration goes a good cause? Even better! The Karlie Kloss X Warby Parker collection benefited the Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization that teaches young kids healthy eating habits. Plus, the collection also followed the brand's one-for-one policy, donating a pair of glasses for every frame that was sold.

5. Kode With Karlie

Last April, Kloss announced that she had developed a scholarship program called Kode With Karlie with the Flatiron School to empower young women to pursue careers in tech. The scholarship was worth the course price of $10K, and it encouraged young women ages 13-18 to study coding. Plus, learning how to code with Karlie Kloss just sounds cool, doesn't it?

I think it's safe to say both Kloss's beauty and her brains combined make her TIME 100 honor very much deserved. At only 23-years-old, there's no doubt her resume is impressive and her career is inspiring. Diane Von Furstenberg said it best in her article for Kloss's TIME feature: "She doesn’t just connect with her generation — she leads it, inspiring young women around the world to become the women they want to be, just as she has done so beautifully."

Well said, DVF!