Here's How Kendall & Jordan Clarkson May Have Met

Relationship rumors have swirled around the Kardashian/Jenner crew for many years now, and they're nothing new. From Kris and Caitlyn to Scott and Kourtney, to Kim and Kanye, Kylie and Tyga, and Rob and Blac Chyna, there always seems to be plenty going on in the love department over there in at Kardashian HQ in Calabasas. That's not even including Kris Humphries, Miles Austin, Adrienne Bailon, Corey Gamble, Lamar Odom, James Harden, and, of course, Justin Bieber. Keeping up with their love lives is basically a full-time job, so it's not surprising that fans are curious how Kendall Jenner met her rumored new boyfriend Jordan Clarkson.

Clarkson and Kendall have sparked romance rumors ever since Us Weekly reported that the two were "hooking up" in late March, and neither have confirmed nor denied the reports, which makes sense since Kendall is famously more reserved than her family members when it comes to revealing secrets about her dating life. She has been linked in the past to a few famous men, including Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, and Justin Bieber, but her relationship with the 23-year-old basketball player is heating up the gossip trail after the pair was spotted acting all cute at Coachella.

So how do the reality starlet-turned-model and the L.A. Lakers player know each other? Sadly, there aren't any obvious clues to how they met, but there could be a model connection there. If you believe tabloid rumors, Clarkson has been linked to two models before Kendall, both in 2015. Clarkson reportedly dated model Chanel Iman in the spring of 2015. Iman and Kendall run in similar supermodel-y circles, and have been photographed together, so it's possible that they are friends, and if not, definitely acquaintances. The two models were also allegedly hanging out together on the first day of Coachella, so Iman appears to be cool with Jenner dating her ex, if that is indeed the case.

Clarkson also reportedly dated model Chantel Jeffries, who is friendly with Kendall's sister Kylie. Jeffries famously dated Justin Bieber in early 2014, and he is also friendly with many members of the Kardashian/Jenner crew, and particularly with Kendall. It's entirely possible that Kendall met Clarkson through one of these connections, especially since young Hollywood is a particularly small (yet gorgeous) world.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Of course, all of this is entirely speculation, and Clarkson and Jenner could have met in an entirely different way... like in a coffee shop or some other rom-com meet-cute cliché. Either way, this pair is one of the hottest new rumors couples right now, and fans are definitely looking forward to seeing if they step out in public or confirm their relationship soon.