When Will Kat Von D's Gray Studded Lipstick Be On Sale? The Color Is Amazing

It's good to be gray and I'm not talking about the 50 Shades kind, either! The granny gray hair trend was a big deal in 2015 and the color gray looks to be establishing itself when it comes to beauty products, too. Kat Von D's gray Studded Kiss lipstick, which she teased in her usual fabulous way on her personal Instagram, has me wondering if gray makeup is going to be the next big trend. It's a distinct possibility. Trust me — gray lips look great.

The celeb tattoo artist and makeup maven revealed in the Instagram caption that she is launching a limited edition set of her best-selling Studded Kiss lipsticks, which are known for their bold hues and massive color payoff. The limited edition Studded Kiss lippies will come packaged in cases that match the color inside; the pyramid-studded cases are usually black, which is the brand's signature color.

Kat Von D Beauty products are edgy, punk rock, heavy metal, and gothic in terms of their aesthetic, which is why Kat Von D-evotees are so loyal to the brand. This lipstick falls in line.

I know what's on your mind. When will Kat Von D's gray lipstick, which is named "Zero," be available to shop? Because who doesn't want to paint their pout in such a stormy color?

Well, Von D wasn't exactly revelatory in this particular caption. She only noted that the lipsticks are coming soon.

But wait. There's more!

Here's another sneak peek of the limited edition lippies whose cases are color-matched to the bullet inside. So pretty! I would love to yank this out of my bag or my back pocket and paint my pout. But check the caption. Von D noted that the limited edition set is coming at the end of the year. Maybe the collection will be released for the holiday season?

While it sucks to have to wait, it'll be worth it. It doesn't look chalky at all. It's just... cool.

Kat wears the gray lipstick well. It makes me think I, too, could pull this shade off.

Now if only we could get more info about the upcoming Kat Von D x Too Faced collabo... I can't help but wonder if those pink Studded Kiss lippies are related, since the color is more TF than KVD. Just sayin'.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (2)