Kendrick Lamar Had A Past With Bey Pre-'Lemonade'

I don't know how your week is going so far, but I am still steadily sailing on my music high following the release of Beyoncé's newest album, Lemonade . The album has been on repeat for me, and the beauty of Beyoncé's mastery is that you hear something different every time. Her choice in features on the album is impeccable, and her track "Freedom" with Kendrick Lamar is a powerful anthem and battle cry. Because "Freedom" is easily one of the standouts and the musical chemistry is palpable, I wondered if Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar are friends?

On her last album, Beyoncé, she only had three features — Drake, Frank Ocean, and Jay-Z — so she does have a history of calling on very talented men who very often are huge fans of hers. Drake has collaborated with Beyoncé a few times, and he counts himself as a huge fan, and it sure seems like Lamar feels the same way. Way back in 2012, the rapper dropped his mixtape Compton State of Mind with a very special dedication track on it, titled, "Beyoncé."

The lyrics to "Beyoncé" are kind of adorable and probably embarrassing now considering that Lamar is actually near Beyoncé's level and actually working with her. He even said, "Yeeeea, man, I hope Jay don’t be mad at me 'bout this song," for talking about his deep crush on his wife. Fast forward a year to 2013, and Jay Z collaborated with Lamar on his remix for "B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe," after Lamar learned that Jay was a fan.

In November 2014, while promoting his album To Pimp A Butterfly, Lamar once again spoke up about Beyoncé. He told Houston’s 93.7 The Beat:

Beyoncé is love. I loved her from the jump... I actually went to her show and that took my mind to a whole ‘nother place as far as performing. We don’t do enough on that stage. She sings, she’s dancing, she’s great winded. That’s a whole form of lifestyle being on that stage and every artist should know that.

Beyoncé has generally remained tight-lipped in recent years when it comes to interviews and let her music do the speaking for her. In February 2016, she shocked the world with her empowering performance of "Formation" during the Super Bowl and Lamar also got people talking a few weeks later with his performance of his song "Alright" during the Grammys. Both of the songs were controversial and rousing and in hindsight seem to have set the stage for their future collab on Lemonade.

Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Lamar were spotted sitting together at an LA Clippers game that same month, and it's possible that they were in the process of recording and working on "Freedom" or had already done so. The photos of them together at the Clippers game appears to be the first time they were publicly photographed together, but they look as friendly as can be, and fans were loving the possibilities of this trio.

After this collab on "Freedom," for me, further music from Beyoncé and Lamar is not only a wish but a necessity. I can't wait to hear what they have to say next, because I know it will just as powerful.