Brands From The '90s We're Still Obsessed With

by Miki Hayes

As a '90s baby, I'll admit that I feel pretty fiercely loyal to and protective of a lot of the things that came out of that decade. But I was honestly kind of surprised to learn just how many brands launched in the '90s that I still love today. Really though, it just makes me love them even more. Because it can be pretty crazy to realize just how long you've been shopping at certain stores or for certain brands. But something that's even crazier is finding out which brands are actually the same age as you (hey there, Bobbi Brown).

And you know what? The amount of fashion and beauty representation we have from the '90s is pretty bomb. I mean, some serious, cult-favorite brands were established around the same time we '90s babies were. I'm talking brands whose products we couldn't (and still can't) live without. So if you're curious which companies you share a zodiac sign with, or are just plain obsessed with the last decade of the second millennium, here are 20 stores and brands that launched in the 90s that we're still obsessed with today. Because it really is nice to grow older with something you love.

1. Lucky Brand Jeans (1990)

That "Lucky You" fly will never get old.

2. Bath & Body Works (1990)

From hoarding those glittery Art Stuff products, to your favorite classic scents, to seasonal candles, BBW has always been a staple store.

3. Ulta Beauty (1990)

Can you believe this beauty giant has only been around since 1990?

4. Origins (1990)

Helping skin stay soft and smooth for barely over a quarter of a century.

5. Steve Madden (1990)

I mean, what other shoes have you been donning for the last 26 years?

6. Bobbi Brown (1991)

I still can't believe the company behind Shimmer Bricks and I are the same age.

7. Anthropologie (1992)

Twenty-four years of charming, cozy, and chic everything.

8. Carol's Daughter (1993)

Gotta love this natural line that's still going strong.

9. NARS (1994)

I don't know about you, but NARS is feeling 22.

10. Stila Cosmetics (1994)

Stila made my first HG mascara back in the day. How the time flies.

11. Hard Candy (1995)

This cute cosmetics brand can legally drink! You know... if makeup could.

12. Urban Decay (1996)

Can you believe this fun and edgy cosmetics brand is 20 this year?

13. Philosophy (1996)

So is the bath and body brand with a message.

14. Smashbox Cosmetics (1996)

One more! The house of primers also turned the big 2-0 this year.

15. Anastasia Beverly Hills (1997)

Everybody's favorite brow brand sure has come a long way since the late 90s.

16. Too Faced (1998)

Can you believe Too Faced is barely legal? I can't remember a time before their novelty packaging.

17. Lululemon Athletica (1998)

So that's why wearing yoga pants is in our blood.

18. (1999)

Thank you, late '90s, for bringing around some of the best online retailers.

19. Zappos (1999)

Your outlet to buy other '90s shoes.

20. Tarte Cosmetics (1999)

I'm so glad this eco-friendly cosmetics brand is repping the '90s.

Because let's be real, some of the best companies of all time came out of the 1990s.

Image: @urbandecaycosmetics/Instagram