Whoa, Could Wren Be A.D.?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one rule in Rosewood you'd be smart to follow, it's this: don't trust any handsome doctors. Had Alison followed this rule in Season 6, she likely wouldn't be locked away in a mental institution due to an evil plan set forth by her husband Dr. Rollins. Any Pretty Little Liars skeptic could have told Ali to be careful around Dr. Rollins, especially considering that people were already mighty suspicious of another handsome doctor before Rollins rolled into Rosewood. Fans have long suspect Wren of being involved with A, and though Wren wasn't Pretty Little Liars' big bad like many fans were so convinced, he hasn't totally gone off our radar. With the reveal that Dr. Rollins has a secret English accent like our other shady Brit, many fans are speculating that Wren could somehow be involved in the drama in a major way. Now that actor Julian Morris posted an Instagram picture that seems to be of him getting fitted for what looks like it could very well be one of Pretty Little Liars' creepy masks, fans are suspecting that Wren is A.D. — aka Uber A. Could it be possible? The answer is a resounding yes.

Though Wren has been fairly M.I.A. on Pretty Little Liars in recent seasons, his name is often dropped by the show — seemingly as an effort to make sure that fans don't forget about this familiar face. Morris himself tweeted that Wren would return to PLL before the show ends, and considering that the series is likely ending this season, it's finally time for a Wrenaissance. Morris' mask Instagram certainly suggests he might be back for a big storyline:

Of course, this could be for a role other than PLL. But, when you think about it, it makes an awful lot of sense for Wren to be the ultimate Big Bad. Unlike many of the characters on Pretty Little Liars, he's one of the few who has been around since the beginning, and seemingly with very little reason. He showed up just after Alison's body was found as Melissa's fiancé — one of the shadiest characters to ever grace PLL. He worked in Radley, a place where not only Mona and Charlotte spent time, but the sinister Mary Drake as well. Now that he may also be connected to Dr. Rollins (come on, like that accent is a coincidence) it seems these the odd moments from Wren's past might finally make sense... like, say, the fact that he was spotted drawing this picture:

If Wren really is Uber A, it might finally explain why Charlotte targeted not only Ali, but also Ali's friends. While Charlotte had very little connection to the Liars, Wren certainly does: he had close personal contact with each one of them, and even romanced Spencer and Hanna. Could working with Charlotte have been part of a long con to finally punish the Liars? Perhaps something from Wren's past ties more deeply to the Liars than we could have ever imagined, and finally ties this entire mystery together once and for all.

Images: Freeform (2)