This Adorable Emoji Won't Last Forever

As if the return of one of the most epic, cake-inspired drinks ever wasn't overwhelming enough, there's an emoji to go along with it. Starbucks has brought back the Birthday Cake Frapp starting today (April 28), and ending on May 2; but how long will the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino emoji be available? It will only last as long as the drink does, alas — so on May 2, this cute little Frapp emoji will disappear from the Starbucks emoji keyboard and fly away to emoji heaven. Or wherever it is that emoji go when they die. Do all emoji, like dogs, go to heaven? It's a question for the ages.

If you haven't already, download the Starbucks keyboard from your app store, and add the keyboard to your phone. (You can find this in Settings.) I only recently discovered this, and the emoji are too adorable for words. They include a variety of drinks, Starbucks baristas, the logo, and a Starbucks storefront. They don't work exactly the same as the emoji you're used to — once you've selected them from the keyboard, you have to paste them into the message field to use them — but you know what? Totally worth it.

Since the precious Birthday Cake Frappuccino emoji will only be on the keyboard until May 2, take advantage of it (and the Frapp it depicts) while it lasts, folks —and if you're wondering exactly how you can use it, here are just a few suggestions.

1. To Politely Ask Your Partner For A Favor

You're parched and need a beverage.

2. To Express To Your Partner A Slightly More Urgent Need

This is not a drill. Move. Now.

3. To Be, Like, Really Nice To A Friend

Just because being nice feels nice.

4. To Surprise Your Friend On Her Actual Birthday

And also because her birthday was a surprise to you.

5. To Torture That Person Who Gets No Cake

Sometimes, friends make jokes at each other's expense.

6. To Get Philosophical

I vote no.

7. To Gently Remind Your Friend That You Only Have One More Chance

May 2, people. Write that down.

Images: Starbucks; Megan Grant/Bustle (8)