Wait, What Does This Mean For Rory & Jess In 'GG'?

by Emily Lackey

As excited as I am for the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, I gotta admit: I'm also a little worried that it's not going to result in Rory and Jess together. Like, just when I get enough information to get me excited that everything is going to be wonderful, I get another bit of information that makes me wonder if this four-episode reboot on Netflix really is really going to make my 'shipper dreams come true. Like on Wednesday when Milo Ventimiglia went on the Gilmore Guys podcast and made some passing comment about how he has only worked six days all year. And that it was for the Gilmore Girls revival and another job. Um, what? ‘Cause I’m doing the math in my head right now, and I’m wondering how that is even possible. But that's literally what he said: "This is gonna sound ridiculous — I’ve worked six days in 2016. I've worked six days. That's it." When the hosts of the show ask if that was just for Gilmore Girls, Ventimiglia clarified: "No, that was doing another job too."

Not only how it is even possible, but what exactly does a short amount of on-set time mean for Jess in the Gilmore Girls revival?!

I’m guessing not good things, friends. No matter how much we may have hoped and prayed that Jess would end up with Rory in the present day, I don’t know how that can happen now if he was only on set for six days. In order for these two former lovebirds to reconcile and rekindle their feelings for each other, I would think that it would take at least a few weeks of story building to make that happen.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And then there’s the fact that Jess is reportedly in three of the four episodes. Again: What? How can a guy be in three of the four 90-minute episodes and have only worked for fewer than six days on the revival? I hate to say it — trust me, I do — but it seems to me that all of this smells like a very small part for Jess in the revival.

Unless! Unless he meant that he has only worked a few days on the revival so far. If that’s the case then more days on set could be in store for him. Think about it: The revival has about 10 days left of filming, according to a tweet Lauren Graham posted April 27, so there is still plenty of time for Jess to get in some serious on-screen time.

I’m just crossing my fingers and toes and every hair on my head that this is the case, because my Rory/Jess-'shippin' heart needs closure.