Get 'GG' Spoilers From Jess Mariano Himself

by Rachel Simon

If there's anything Gilmore Girls fans know for sure, it's that any info about the upcoming Netflix revival, whether it's about the status of Luke and Lorelai, Emily's life as a widow, or even the return of the Life and Death Brigade, is a pretty huge deal. No piece of info is too small if it's about our favorite Stars Hollow residents, but, understandably, even the tiniest details have been kept highly under wraps due to the revival's top-secret production. Yet when I meet Milo Ventimiglia, the actor behind the much-loved Jess Mariano, at the Tribeca Film Festival, he provides me with some of the most tantalizing Gilmore Girls revival spoilers yet — in emoji form.

You see, Ventimiglia, like his co-stars, can't reveal any real spoilers about the revival, or else he'll get in trouble with Netflix and GG showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino for ruining the show for the millions of fans excitedly awaiting its return (“Milo f*cking blew it," he jokingly imagines his boss saying if she found out he'd spoiled the series). So to circumvent this issue, I give him my phone and let him describe the spoiler-filled plot of the new Gilmore Girls episodes using emojis — and let's just say, he gets into it. Here's what he put:


Yes, that's right: according to Ventimiglia, the Gilmore Girls revival will include American flags, showers, swimming, cake, guns, and a whole lot of coffee (well, at least that one makes sense). It's a lot to take in, so let's break it down.

The Flags


Stars Hollow is a fictional town in Connecticut. Therefore, the American flags make sense. That's one emoji solved.

The Bells


I ask Ventimiglia if these bells are the church bells that Luke and Lorelai break in Season 4, but he simply laughs, shakes his head, and says, "don't worry about it." Not helpful, dude.

The Hearts


"All the broken hearts versus the one single heart...," Ventimiglia says, laughing like he knows a secret. BECAUSE HE DOES.

The Bells, Take 2


Although neither of us are quite sure what these emojis are, Ventimiglia adds them in to represent wedding bells. I tell him that while I know he can't tell me whose wedding is happening in the revival, can he at least tell me who's not getting married? Nope.

The Shower & The Telescope


No explanation given. Theorize away, Gilmore fans.

The Hearts, Take 2


No reasoning for these, either. Perhaps Rory and Jess get back together? Hey, a girl can dream.

The Books


Although Ventimiglia refuses to say what these are for, he grins when I mention that fans know Rory will be back at Chilton, thanks to those photos in Entertainment Weekly. Perhaps these are indicating that she's become a teacher, or that Jess, already a published author, has produced even more works?

The Guns


Violence in Gilmore Girls? It's unlikely. In all likelihood, Ventimiglia is just messing with me, but I do wonder...

The Church


"Which one’s the wedding church?" he asks, before again refusing to give any details on the nuptials taking place in said church. Come on.

The Bowling Balls, Swimmers, & Cake


These additions add proof to my "he's just messing with me" theory, unless the Gilmores have suddenly become athletic (not likely) or moved into Weston's Bakery (actually possible).

The Coffee


I don't need Ventimiglia's help to figure out what this one means.

The Smileys


I'm gonna interpret these as "the Gilmore Girls go through a lot of emotions." What else is new?

The Books, Take 2


Jess wins a Pulitzer? Rory gets tenure? So many possibilities.

And Finally... More Coffee


It wouldn't be Gilmore Girls without a whole lot of caffeine, would it?

Marriage? Swimming? Possibly even murder? Thanks to Ventimiglia, these spoilers should keep you guessing until the new Gilmore Girls episodes premiere.