Too Faced Teased A Really Exciting Palette

Hold onto your faux lashes, because Too Faced just teased some very exciting beauty news. If you're a fan of the makeup company's scented palettes, then you'll love this newest creation. It's official that Too Faced is launching a Chocolate Chip palette, thanks to a pretty definite social media confirmation. Unfortunately you've still got awhile to wait before you can buy it, but something tells me that it will definitely be worth it.

Jerrod Blandino, co-founder and creative director of Too Faced, posted a photo of the bite-sized new palette to his Instagram, and beauty lovers everywhere have already started to obsess. This product might look plain at first glance, but it's what's on the inside that really matters, right? Blandino always gives fans the greatest little social media surprises and hints, allowing us to see what new products will look like without giving too much away.

Hidden in the hashtags are some pretty great clues to what's to come. The date (#Spring 2017), size (#PurseSized), and color scheme (#WhiteChocolate) have all been cleared up by Blandino's clever use of Instagram. Of course, that still leaves tons to speculate about. Although no one knows what's actually inside the little white chocolate box of wonder, does it really matter? You know it's going to be great no matter what the colors look like.

Every single one of Too Faced's scented palettes has been a hit so far, and something tells me that the newest chocolate-y offering will be the same. First the brand released the now signature Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet, and Chocolate Bon Bon palettes, which beauty lovers turned into cult-classic items. Then Too Faced started experimenting with different scents, releasing the Peanut Butter & Jelly and Sweet Peach palettes.

There's no telling whether the newest edition to the collection will also be an eyeshadow palette, but it's looking likely. Blandino's #TakeABite could suggest that maybe there is a lip color hidden in there though, so maybe it's something the brand has never done before. After all, there is a line of Melted Chocolate liquid lipsticks already on the market.

Regardless of what's actually inside the palette, odds are it's going to be great. Let's just hope that Blandino gives us a few more sneak peeks before the Spring 2017 launch date!

Images: Jarrod Blandino/Instagram (1)