Tom HiddlesBum Making Cameo On 'Night Manager'

If you otherwise dedicated Hiddlestoners haven't been keeping up with the AMC mini-series The Night Manager , the time to tune in is now. We're getting very close to getting a glimpse of Tom Hiddleston's butt, or as it was aptly hashtagged during a Twitter firestorm earlier this year, the highly anticipated #Hiddlesbum. And there may be more where that's come from, because a recent interview made it clear that Hiddleston doesn't mind getting nude for a TV show or film... but it's strictly professional.

Well, OK, it's a little bit more complicated than that. Hiddleston is comfortable with stripping down so long as it fits into the story's plot in a relevant way. Beyond that, it's a matter of cultural perspective, because the dashing Brit usually stays on a side of the industry where nudity is a lot less taboo. "I've come from the tradition of European film, where nudity isn't really something," he told Hollywood Reporter. "I've seen many other more esteemed actors be infinitely more naked than me. I just don't think twice about it. It was important for the scene and no more or less significant than any of the other scenes in the story."

The scene in question occurs when Hiddleston's undercover agent Jonathan Pine "gives into attraction," which I'm 99.9 percent sure is a gentle euphemism for "bones Richard Onslow Roper's girlfriend Jed." Now, I didn't get a sneak peak at this when it aired on BBC (as I'm an an America and all that) but I don't see this ending well. After all, Roper is the arms dealer Pine is trying to get in with, and subsequently expose. That dude is definitely not someone you want to mess with, and Hiddleston alluded to Pine slipping up here.

"Yeah, that's so true of life," Hiddleston said. "We're all governed by instincts that are greater than our capacity to control them, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. It's a very powerful force." Such a romantic, this one.

Incidentally, he's handling the nudity with a whole lot of class considering that fans are literally losing their mind over this sneak peak of skin. Maybe it's because — and try not to laugh too hard at this — Hiddleston can't see himself as a sex symbol. When asked about how he's low-key worshipped by Hiddleston fangirls on Tumblr and considered to be the Last of The Internet Boyfriends (my words, not theirs) he deferred that status entirely. "All of that stuff I can't really attach anything to it because it's intangible, it's ephemeral," he said, pulling out all the big SAT words to make the ladies swoon.

At the end of the day, while I totally respect Hiddleston's approach to nudity, I also wouldn't mind if his motives were purely gratuitous. What matters is that at the end of a day, there may be more #Hiddlesbum in our future. And there's definitely some in The Night Manager. So as I suggested before, you want to start catching up right away!

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