Why Wren & Uber A Have To Be Connected

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you're a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, then there's a chance that you have a very detailed theory about who could potentially be the show's ultimate villain. As someone who considers herself an amateur PLL detective, there are always a dozen theories swimming in my head at any given moment — but if there's one person I've been suspicious of for a very long time, it's Wren Kingston. The English doctor and Melissa's on-again, off-again boyfriend has always been one of the show's biggest enigmas, so much so that when an (ultimately fake) Reddit spoiler came out stating that Wren is Big A and Charles DiLaurentis, many fans felt validated that their long-suspected character was the show's bad guy. We know now that Wren isn't Big A, but that doesn't mean fans are giving up hope about his potential involvement. Wren could still be connected to Uber A, and there are plenty of clues in Season 6 that suggest it.

Though Wren hasn't been on the series since Season 4, that doesn't mean he's been off the show's radar — and new clues suggest that we shouldn't forget about this guy just yet. Here are four clues that hint Wren could be involved in the Uber A storyline, and could potentially be Uber A himself.

1. Julian Morris' Mask

Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris posted this photo to his Instagram that is making many fans suspect that Morris could return to PLL as Wren in some form. Though it's unclear whether the photo is actually from the set of Pretty Little Liars, Season 6 has used latex masks as one of the A Team's devices to "hide in plain sight." If Morris is getting fitted for a mask — or having a mask made of his own face — it's a clue that, somehow, Wren is involved in the Uber A action.

2. Dr. Rollins' Accent

It was revealed in the Season 6 finale that not only is Ali's husband Dr. Rollins secretly evil, but he's secretly English as well. Who else is English? Wren — he's even been living in London since the events of the series. Could Dr. Rollins have a mysterious connection to Wren?! If so, it would solidify Wren's involvement with at least one member of the A Team.

3. He's Connected To Charlotte

Wren's name is constantly dropped on Pretty Little Liars, but his mention in Season 6B definitely made him look suspicious. Hanna reveals via flashback that she saw Melissa while at a work event in London, and that Melissa was furious at Charlotte for telling Wren something that caused Wren to break up with Melissa. We already know that Wren worked at Radley around the same time that Charlotte was a patient there, so perhaps Wren knew a lot more about Charlotte's connection to the DiLaurentis family than he let on.

4. This Picture Could Be Mary And Not Jessica

Fans freaked out when they realized that Wren was coloring in the red coat on a woman that looked strikingly like Jessica in the home video in the dollhouse, but a second glance at this photo reveals that the woman's hair is a lot darker than we've ever seen Jessica as having. Could Wren really be coloring in a photo of Mary, with the family she always wanted but never got to have?

Only time will tell if or how Wren is connected to Uber A, but I'm not crossing him off my suspect list just yet.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars, wrenischarles/Tumblr; Giphy