These 'Bachelor' Stars Should Stay Away From Roses

Combined, there have been over 30 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette , and in that time, Chris Harrison has introduced us to so many interesting people, both stars and contestants. And where some of them are concerned, just getting to know them during the season they're on isn't enough. But fortunately, there's been a recent trend lately where ABC seems to love bringing back past contestants to current seasons now more than ever, and I can't help but wonder who will be back again next time. My list of people I want to see is pretty long, but the list of people who should never go on The Bachelor again is even longer.

To be fair, it's not because I never want to see these people again — well, most of them. But a lot of them have spent so much time on this show and don't deserve to have to suffer through rose ceremonies and two-on-one dates ever again, especially when so many of them are so gorgeous and charismatic that you just know they'd be successful finding love in other ways. They don't need a TV show!

When it comes time to call on old Bach stars for new seasons and Bachelor in Paradise, I hope they skip these guys. No offense!

1. Juan Pablo Galavis

I know JP has been talking the talk about joining The Bachelorette this season to vie for JoJo Fletcher's affections, but I'm hoping that he stays home — now and during filming for all future seasons. Seeing what he put Nikki Ferrell through was enough, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially not a sweetheart like JoJo. Was he entertaining? Oh, absolutely. But I'm not sure it's worth risking him treating other women the way he did on his season of The Bachelor.

2. Clare Crawley

I think Clare is awesome, so I have no idea how she's appeared on The Bachelor and its spinoffs so many times without actually finding love. But since the show isn't working for her so far, maybe she'd be better off trying a different way to find love that doesn't involve Chris Harrison? I just know there's an awesome guy out there for her, no roses required — maybe even the guy she's been sharing photos of on Instagram lately?

3. Chris Bukowski

When Chris said he retired from The Bachelor franchise after his stint on Bachelor in Paradise, I felt really happy for him. His essay about his experiences on the show really highlighted the negative effect it's had on his life, so even though he's an awesome guy, I never want to see him back on this show again!

4. Nick Viall

As much as it pains me to say this, I think Nick should be done with the Bach franchise too. It was way too heartbreaking to see him get rejected on two consecutive seasons of The Bachelorette, especially since it's so obvious that so many women would be lucky to have him.

5. Chris Soules

Chris is a super sweet guy and all, but he was a little boring. Plus, he definitely doesn't seem like he's willing to budge on the farm thing, and most of the women who tend to go on shows like The Bachelor don't seem like they want to spend their lives surrounded by nothing but corn.

6. Jaclyn Swartz

Don't get me wrong — I absolutely love drama, and Jaclyn always brings it. But after seeing her on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, I don't think she comes on Bachelor shows anymore for any reason other than creating it, so maybe her spot should be given to someone who's actually looking for love.

7. Kelsey Poe

Bless Kelsey's heart (and her amazing stories), but I think we're all better off if she skips out on the show in the future. I know this is a show that loves to feature villains, but it wasn't cool the way she treated her fellow contestants.

8. Vienna Girardi

This one's for the same reasons I wouldn't want to see Kelsey Poe on the show again. Wouldn't it be awesome to watch a show where women respect each other, despite the fact that they're all interested in the same dude? That can't happen with contestants who are likely to start drama.

9. Joe Bailey

After playing games with Juelia Kinney's feelings on Bachelor in Paradise, I think Joe's time in this franchise is up. I'd be too mad at him to root for him!

10. Ian Thomson

Ian may have told Kaitlyn Bristowe he deserves to be the one handing out the roses, but I disagree. Not after he was so rude to her!

11. Tenley Molzahn

I don't understand how Tenley wasn't married a zillion years ago, because I can think of few people who deserve their happy ending more. Thankfully, though, she seems to be in a happy relationship these days, so hopefully The Bachelor is behind her anyway.

12. Becca Tilley

I absolutely adore Becca, but just like with Nick Viall, it's totally crushing to have seen her rejected on two seasons of The Bachelor in a row. She deserves someone so awesome — and someone she doesn't have to compete for.

13. Mikey Tenerelli

I love Mikey, because he seems like such a sweet guy, but it bums me out that he doesn't get the appreciation he deserves, especially on last year's BIP. I think his crowd is outside of the reality TV realm, so I hope he finds it.

But even if ABC eliminates these contestants from their lineup, don't worry — plenty of new ones are on their way. I can't wait to find my new favorite guys on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. Bring it on!

Image: ABC