Katy Perry Debuts Bob and Bangs

While everyone is busy talking about her supposed engagement, I'm more concerned about this adorable new hairdo news. Katy Perry recently debuted a bob on her Instagram account, posing next to her "baaaaaast fraaaand fur-avaa" Jiff the Pomeranian.

Perry has steadily been going shorter with her hair, but hadn't made the "bob jump" along with her fellow celebrities until now. Of course, in true Perry fashion, she went a step further and decided to get bangs, too! It's a daring beauty move to try not one, but two different hair looks, but when it comes to Perry's playful sense of style, the bolder, the better. Also, if she ever truly has a bad hair day, we're pretty sure she's got about a million wigs to help her cover it up.

While Katy Perry's once long, Kardashian-like locks were totally enviable, I think the shorter, retro-inspired look suits her better. She looks even more like a 1950s pin-up girl than ever before! I wonder if she'll take things to the next level and dye her hair pastel pink? If anyone can pull it off, it'd be her.

The big question now is who'll be the next celebrity to chop chop? They're falling like dominoes...

Image: KatyPerry/Instagram