Unexpected Hair Crush: The Asymmetrical Pink Bob

Stop the presses: here's a haircut for the history books. Just when we were yawning over celebrity bobs, which cycle around every year like geese, Sonia Rykiel released a trio of ad images for spring 2014 and our jaws dropped to the floor.

The designers behind the shoot, artsy Parisians M/M, cited a "vision of a greedy, glitzy femininity" as inspiration for the photos, and to that end, model Karen Elson poses in a series of off-kilter vintage silhouettes (think a tight retro pencil skirt with a jacket deliberately designed to look buttoned up wrong). The backgrounds pop with disembodied images of hands, ice cream cones, a lipstick pen, and other hard-to-pin-down figures that look vaguely erotic. But all that fades away when we examine the hair.

Above that plum red lipstick, faded eyebrows, and deeply hooded eyes, Elson sports a messy bob that looks like someone went after it with a pair of gardening shears. It's "choppy," but not in the way we tend to describe a slightly imperfect haircut ("…lots of glossy, choppy layers…"); it's literally hacked off. And I-got-caught-in-a-fan-last-night ends have never looked cooler.

Then, of course, there's the color. How to describe it? It's somewhere between two-toned and ombré; mostly ashy pink until we get to the coral, dip-dyed ends. The whole thing culminates in equally choppy, rockabilly-esque bangs, which are absolutely a thing now.

How to get the look yourself? Um, you'll need a professional colorist with a few hours and buckets of bleach to spare, unless your hair is already white-blonde, in which case you can dye it yourself: pastel pink dye from the roots to just below the cheekbones, and coral or bright pink dye on the ends.

Otherwise, you can go crazy with the hair chalk, resigning yourself to streaks rather than full-fledged color. And that wild, choppy, gardening-shears cut? That you can manage all on your own.

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